Letting go of balance to find it.....contraction and expansion of the heart.

Right down to the cellular level our bodies are continually taking in and letting go thru the act of a pulsation.  A rhythmic squeeze that pushes out what is not needed and opens to stretch into the new space created.   This is how we have energy by eating food, learning new things, gathering what we need for survival, receiving with our senses to become aware, listening within to feel for inspiration, ...then down into the physical body thru our muscles, bones, systems and even the cells of our body take in what they need to function and have life...and release what is waste.  This continual shedding is as natural as breathing ( another letting go rhythm that is necessary for life) and needs to happen regularly...... 

If we look at the body in its most healthiest state, the heart requires the ability to speed up and slow down as needed from the stresses in life that cause our nervous system to shift. Events in our life, loud sounds, driving  a car ....even happy events like a new relationship, new job or becoming a parent cause the body to have a stress response.  All of these cause our nervous system to jump into an alert state that makes our heart rate increase and then slow down to a baseline.  The ability to return to a natural healthy rhythm quickly is an indicator of a healthy heart.  This is physical symptom of health....shown as a healthy blood pressure, VO2 max, and cardiac out-put that can be tested.  Our hearts are effected by how we handle stress and that means emotions.  Through our ability to continually let go and return to a baseline of health our muscles and joints stay open and able to handle life naturally along with our heart.  

Like the physical body can experience strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and agility for health,  our emotional fitness also can become healthier thru emotional agility to move from one emotion to the next quickly, without getting "stuck" ( ie. depression).  Flexibility is felt as the range of emotions one is aware of experiencing ( many of us are attuned to the range we were raised in as children or culturally) Emotional strength could be considered the ability to feel even the most difficult emotions fully, like grief. Being able to experience all of these gifts us with emotional stability. 

Experiencing great love and feeling it deeply is akin to the ability to experience great loss in the contraction and expansion that is necessary to being a heart open,  healthy,  feeling being. The art in conditioning the emotional body is: 

1.  Not judging what is felt as all emotions have value and purpose.

2.  Learning to trust your emotions and your ability to feel and direct this powerful pulsation. 

3. Be curious about the variety and your ability "be" with any of them especially grief a contracting emotion. 

4. Being able to shift emotions when necessary and to not avoid feeling them. 

Learning to let go is a vital part of the pulsation rhythm.  It's the softness that balances out the "push".  The yin aspect of softening and opening into the unknown and allowing the natural waves of contraction and expansion from an emotion to move thru the body.  Let go and allow yourself to be "off balance" emotionally to then stretch and find new alignments in your awareness of emotions and how you hold them or let go physically.  

The body changes it's postures for every emotion in the natural pulsation of how the emotions effect the muscles.  This means long held emotions form themselves in postures we take in life.   Eventually, our bodies form themselves into the shapes that our emotional capacities have informed them of repeatedly.  This can be seen in a body that is guarding their heart, or a body "with no backbone" ( stability) , or in a body moves as though "floating" versus one that walks with a heavy foot.  We learn our styles of movement, the postures we take in life through our families of origin.  

Much of our holding in the chest area is from the back muscles along the spine that bring stability to the heart,  so it can be soft and open. Rounded shoulder and or neck pain are indicators that we need to work with alignment and strengthening not just the back muscles but the emotions of release and open through the front of the body.  The natural contract and expand is essential to keeping the muscles and bones healthy, in balance  as well as the natural peristalsis of digestion and a healthy lower back.  On all levels our bodies need a wide range of feelings and diversity in movement from deep inside to stay healthy and vibrant.  This is our bodies design. Naturally releasing grief thru tears, shudders, shakes and sound are ways to a natural, regular and healthy cleanse and is the healthy response to letting go so a continually new forming alignment can happen that is healthy in this moment.   




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