Row Row Row your boat....some Kai tips for thriving and archetypal power

Spring is coming!!!! I heard the statement today " when your actions are not aligning with your desires"  and it got me thinking how common this is and the feelings and energy of stickiness it creates.  We all deep down desire to feel healthy, to have energy, to feel happy. To Thrive.   Yet often get off our path when our choices for how we spend our time and what we do don't reach our desires.....and this can show up with emotional let downs and often stories of how things around us should change versus the actual thing we do have control over which is our time and choice. Some emotions that create stickiness runs from guilt, low self worth, fatigued, overwhelmed, ambivalence, depression, confusion....all emotions that are sneaky little "weights" that can make our bodies and our health in a less than optimal place.  Being a victim and just surviving holds these emotions and us hostage if we don't have some tools or understanding to choose to walk thru life in a different way.  Often the emotions show up as visual excess weight.....and that alone can be a hugely releasing factor vs punishing the body to make it fit what we "think" it should look and feel like versus the actual truth and embodiment of health.  

Fact is the weather outside and the emotional climate inside are always changing AND our perception of them beyond our preference can be a guiding force to choose, endure and or overcome barriers.  

Nature reminds us that change is always happening and though we may have our preferences, learning to embrace change is actually an act of "will" and personal power seen in resiliency.  Surrendering deeply held preferences or attachments to that which is keeping you stuck in the muck or creating the same repeated pattern in life takes practice and the time and ability to look within deeply.  Undoubtedly there will be parts of us that will avoid the discomfort of being with uncomfortable emotions and the upsetting push it may take to get out of "comfort zone" type of thinking ......the comfort zone is where we stay the same and just the head above water.  There is a feeling of "sipping wine" and "can do this forever" yet under that surface is a fear that we need to control our circumstances and if things change we will go "over board".  It's a fearful state of "hanging on".  Seeking comfort in the new unknown is a skill and sign you are on the hero's journey and making choices that will shift you out of survival and into thriving. From a fitness perspective it's that sensation of "YES" after a great workout and a feeling of health and vibrance that supports you in life! 

In Kai it's evidenced thru all the archetypes in your ability to be in a state of "hero" or thriving vs. surviving or being a victim of circumstance.

Scenario 1:  For instance, you may notice an ache or a symptom of a cold from your body.  You can go into that pain and suffering. You can create a whole story around why you can't exercise, the doctors you need to see, how this discomfort will effect your day.

 Scenario 2: A different choice possible is to create a more healing story that this is one sensation that may or may not be a "cold" or a symptom of aging, or a symptom of the body failing....We can say " I get to stay in bed today" or we can say " I can still move and moving usually makes me feel better." We can change the whole experience and shorten it's effect by how we choose to respond....and this is an act of will.  This takes strength, choice, follow thru, inner truth, desire and actual steps.  This is the archetype of the healer in it's "thriving" state.  

ARCHETYPAL POWER is  beyond the thoughts and emotions, it's connecting to the soul power of the archetype.....feeling that source that you can activate and choose. Kai has 5 main archetypes that are modeled and embodied by the teachers for you to also feel as you dance Kai.  They are the child, the warrior, the athlete, the healer and the dancer. 

The athlete archetype is conjured when we embrace our bodies potential at any age...and look at longevity as the goal.  Our choices on a moment to moment basis can reflect the more negative side of the "survival" thru pushing and overworking, extreme competitiveness, or pushing thru injuries . Closing down to movement as a potential tool that keeps us active is another one. Statements like  " Im not an athlete" or deep inner doubts about ones body in fitness are also shadows lurking within.  The ego side of the equation that has inner dialogue like " I can't do it like her so I won't do it all all" or " I'm going to ignore this pain and push it beyond because If I miss a workout I am not good enough." are both self limiting energy sucking beliefs on the survival side of the equation.  Both of these come from a fear or scarcity place or not being enough and are opportunities to shift into more love.  Love is a choice by showing up , doing your actual best even if that means using a chair, allowing a part to rest while others do the work. Love are actual empowering steps that are gleaned from the thriving side of the athletes archetypal gifts.  Archeypal power is beyond the thoughts and emotions, it's connecting to the soul power of the archetype.....feeling that source that you can activate and choose.  It's available and nurtured through choice. 

Need some tools to make the shift from victim, to survive to thrive??? Kai has many tools that participants who take trainings utilize to shift. Dancing the archetypes in every class, and in your every day  life  are also ways to be-friend and use these tools in your life as a dance.  

Here is an example of a Kai tool:  

ROW is an acronym for

Release ( forgive and let go of old thought, story, way of being.  Recognize if it's serving you or sucking your energy well dry.  Forgive YOURSELF and release stuck emotion. )

 Open ( open to  a new perspective.  Which archetype feels needed or which one's shadow are you in? How would they respond from a hero's perspective?  What emotions, ways of holding posture, or choices would they make?)

 Welcome ( as you find new evidence of aligning with desires, pay attention to how you feel and the archetypal relationship you can develop with this part of you that goes beyond.  Welcome is more than just noticing.  Be warm and fuzzy with this new side of self.  Love your hero's journey and respect and honor the sides of you that go BEYOND) 

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