What do Discipline, Motivation, The Brain and Spring Equinox have in Common??

All month long in Kai we have been weaving in the fire element, the sun.  This means exploring in our dances the themes of how we assimilate information and experiences, how we manage energy and make choices, the "solar plexus" and developing sensory awareness of this area of the body and how it relates to the whole.  Some other qualities that strengthen and heal the "core" include using discipline to align with your goals, sensing "self" in the context of another or many, getting to know and celebrate your uniqueness ( ps. we will be dancing You-Neek on tuesday!), increasing your cardiovascular ability to take in new oxygen and purify through breathing deeply, and simply feeling the chewing action and power your core abdominals have.  This level of potential power is available for you to walk, jump, move, with ease and joy.  It's also where you get the energy to do your daily tasks and create life with your body, mind and soul as your ally. In one word it is INTEGRATION. 

To integrate means to "bring together" or combine to create something new.  Kai's tagline is "integrated fitness" meaning it integrates body with mind, emotions and spirit.  Kai integrates life with dance.  Kai also integrates 7 key concepts of Awareness, Music, Embodied Anatomy, Authentic Movement, Archetypes, Life As a Dance, with the Elements to create a recipe for dynamic stimulation of the brain.  Building new neural networks in Kai takes the will to enter the  ever changing unknown as well as moving with memory and learned choreography.  It also takes finding a variety of ways to build motivation to energize the task.  

The fire element, or solar plexus energy is absolutely essential and deeply utilized in every class for both the teacher and the students of Kai.  It's all about metabolism and so much more than just "getting in shape".....It's choice, commitment, energy balance, personal power and expression out to the world.  

The first step is discipline.....

You may be a Kai teacher, plan to be one, never want to teach but love to dance and feel alive in the body.....Or you may be a student who is uplifting the teacher, adding to the community and receiving in your own personal ways  All of us come for different reasons.  The first step for all of us is DISCIPLINE.   Discipline means "to be a disciple....or dedicated to something".  This means aligning by directing your energy, setting your alarm, making a commitment even if it's difficult....in fact, expect it to be difficult!   Become a disciple of your SELF.  Your self care, your wellbeing, your value of health.  

****Know what you want, and discipline yourself to give yourself THAT.  

The second step is motivation.....

Remember that the results of being healthy is a lifetime commitment and it's helpful to look at the simple gifts from a day to day practice but also to notice the combined effort that over time really makes you shine!  Look to those who've "been around" a long time.  They can share stories that may help motivate you and also give you patience when you are feeling frustrated.  Motivation takes the ability to "reflect" on your past and look into the future while also being able to not get stuck in either place.  Motivation is momentum....It's that flow state when the universe begins to allign with your will.  

The third step is choosing love.....

There will be times you won't want to do certain parts of a practice.  That's exactly when you're strengthening your will, your commitment, your drive.....Do it anyway.  The fire element is exactly that!!! It's uncomfortable , out of your normal, and produces in the body heat from both neurological firing creating new grooves in the brain to increased metabolism burning fat. Consider that tension as a great sign that you are creating and choosing exactly right and keep on......self love is not the cushy,  choose the easy path all the time....in fact it's often applying the right amount of self discipline in a loving way that sets you on a course to deeper love, Real love and greater health, more vibrance and a brain that is wired to give you resilience, happiness and creative ideas to carry into your life.  

Ps.  It's also Spring Equinox! Happy New Beginnings !!!! May you find the balance within to constantly redefine, grow, change, heal, manifest and love all aspects of your life. Blessings! 

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