We completed February with a sustained theme involving pleasure. So many amazing stories were shared around the continuum of pleasure to pain and the healing doors that open when we let pleasure guide us as we get fit.  It was a delicious experience of "taking in" through the senses and defining "what feels good?" , "what is comfortable in this moment?" and "can I trust pleasure???"

Some of the gifts that were shared included

  • finding new joys in allowing pleasure in even when in a challenging time or when challenging the body to get stronger.  ( releasing guilt and tending to the subtle )
  •  when pain arrises learning to work with sensation more deeply and dance with what arrises finding joy thru sensation. 
  • the many kinds of pleasure available beyond sensual/sexual ....like bringing sensuality to serving or creating beauty for others.
  • the importance of a "ritual"  ( like setting the table) or an intentional invitation to tease and prepare self or others to be the container for something delightful. Pleasure has it's impulses and even things pleasureable excite the nervous system and can put it into stress mode.  
  • pleasure is available at any time and is related to our perspective. 
  • pleasure requires us to pay attention to detail to deepen or savor it. 
  • pleasure connects us. 

So with all the juicy love shared in the kai classes and in the Facebook group "Fanning the Flames of Pleasure" we now move into some more challenge.  The month of March is all about Taking it in, changing it and releasing it.  Our bodies are always firing impulses responding to the various stimulation around us....when to relax, tighten, hold, wait, develop deep inner strength, create new intentions and to feel empowered and in charge of your own energy!!! So excited to explore all of this with you through a month of classes in this theme.  Also, as an extra bonus it's Brain Awareness Week March 12-19th giving us a chance to deeply create new neural grooves intentionally and building thru neuroplasticity brains and bodies that thrive, grow, change, love, and digest life with ease.  Hope to see you in class! 


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