A Little Tongue and Cheek involving Butterflies, Honey and Pleasure.

So here we go into a whole new month and 29 days with a theme that's sexy, passionate, and  filled with delightful Kai classes that will tickle your fancy and turn on your latent energy.  Yes, it's true. We are focusing on the hips, pelvic floor, fascia and all the juicy gifts of conditioning your body, mind, emotions and spirit from the sacred pelvic bowl.  

Our bodies are designed to not just feel pain as an important indicator that we need to change how we are approaching something, but also pleasure.  Pleasure to the body is the skin tingling, muscle quivering, bone strengthen sensation of receiving that we are doing something RIGHT.  Well Being feels GOOD.  Healthy choices that give us this body resonance of "yes!" include first "being in your body" so even the subtlest tickle of feather can be appreciated along with the stronger deeper sensations of a kick, the vibrant sound of a  loud "ha!" or the increasing rumble of feet tapping into the earth to the rhythm of your soul.  Sensation is our bodies language telling us to continuing more to the right, the left, harder, softer, longer.....all of it.  Thru Kai we dive in and stay in those sensations throughout the class.  

Learning to "stay with sensation" and also to notice another is a wonderful dance that we sometimes explore.  This practice utilizes awareness,  creating through choices and crafting relationship to feel pleasurable in between. This can be new territory! Many of us are conditioned to feel pain or have had traumas that we need to address in our nervous system before building pleasure with another.  Baby steps into receiving "enough" is the way to slowly shift a body trauma response.  Pain can be an addiction.  Pain in how we approach fitness/exercise " to get enough", pain in how we approach our work life, pain in how we take life in.....This kind of pain may be a pattern or groove in the brain that simply needs practicing a new way to release.  For instance, recognizing that pain can be more familiar, more "comforting" even if it's pain!  It can remind us we are here, it's our constant that we can depend on.  However, it doesn't necessarily serve you in growing more deeply into enjoying life alone or with another.  This practice of noticing pleasure in your body first, defining it, becoming familiar with it, turning it up or down and then inviting it into relationship of any kind ( whether that be with a chair, a pet, another friend) becomes a fun way to play with changing painful patterns within and opening up more choices to create from pleasure.

As a group today in Kai, we danced into our bodies with pleasure and formed a circle.  The move was to reach into the circle 8x, then to shuffle 8ct. repeat other side.  A simple pattern to find sensation in and not be too stuck in thoughts of "getting it right".  Lots of room to make adjustments and to FEEL the emotions and connections within a group dance.  We added in the imagery of a butterfly unrolling it's tongue into the center of a flower to reach the honey....the nectar.  Lot's of giggling ensued. Behind the scenes as the facilitator I wanted the group to feel more connection to chest, arm reaching and releasing thru the neck by stretching out the tongue.  Lot's of fascia gets knotted up in the jaw and neck creating pain for many people.  This playful and sexy imagery in the dance made releasing less serious and therefore the movement more effective at allowing the deeper fascia to open and integrate with the function of the arm folding and unfolding.  These are the ways we access different areas of the brain and integrate with the body as well.  

All month, class by class,  we will build momentum with pleasure.  How much can you take??? Can you hang on to it continuously?  How do you describe pleasures' sensations?? When does pleasure become too much?? When does pain shift into pleasure?? Phew, it's getting HOT in here........hahah.   The body is our container to hold it all in between classes, building capacity to stay WITH.  To not indulge at times and waste this precious resource from our body.  Rather,  to explore it with respect and from a deeper knowing that what we practice we learn.  Our brains re-wiring with each conscious choice to new ways of being in the body that are healthy and safe.   The deep awareness of how we can work with this powerful sensory feedback system to guide choices will be explored, played with.  Learning thru experience we will gain ways to create healing and greater health and fitness from PLEASURE which will be the prize at the end.  The nectar. You may never be the same again:) 

Are you ready to celebrate the body, pleasure and creativity this month??? Come dance Kai with us! 


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