Align to the Divine and tools to feel fine in 2018

As we enter 2018 full of hope and possibilities, it's a good time to reflect on what we really NEED and what we WANT .   We need food, shelter, connection, safety, and eventually love and higher purpose. All of these things come from having "enough" of the basic essentials and moving up from there,  according to Maslow.  An interesting question is how much is enough to have what we need and is it true? This is where we need to dig into truth a little and re-create a personal belief system that is running under the surface of our wants and needs and releasing a system that may be left over from generations of lack  or disease. 

Where on this chart are you desires??? Where are your true needs?  What are the things you could do to align building a strong foundation and apply steps towards a more expanded joyous experience on earth and giving back to the world as an expression of this? 

Where on this chart are you desires??? Where are your true needs?  What are the things you could do to align building a strong foundation and apply steps towards a more expanded joyous experience on earth and giving back to the world as an expression of this? 

Once these basic needs are met it's a natural expansion to desire a little more.  Some extra experiences that enliven us, some heightened joy beyond the every day "normal", some new things learned that make life more interesting.  As this joy increases a natural desire to give back and receive the fulfillment of this action occurs.  Full circle.  We are climbing Maslows chart or as we say in Kai  and see in nature itself, "life is a dance" and it's a spiral naturally. 

You can enter this spiral from the top down or the bottom up or anywhere in between......In fact it could be different each day depending on what is happening inside and around you. However the biggest picture is looking from the end of your life backward and noticing how you spent your life's energy.  Having a vision is important......It's a map when the daily grind takes over and boredom sets in or  when life throws crazy changes at us.  

With your vision as your map, the true anchor for wherever you enter the cycle of manifestation is your PRACTICE....its what you do with awareness, repeatedly,  that aligns you ultimately to feeling better.  At first it may take effort to "get there" ( Kai class, yoga, work ) you may have to  fight negative feelings that arrise and often fight thru blocks that you unconsciously manifest ( family, phone ringing , others needing you...etc).  It's a meditation in "Chop wood, carry water" and doing it as you notice all that appears in your body/mind.   Your practice is your container that,  through repetition,  you begin to build the skills needed.    It's not immediate's repetition and noticing without reacting to  all the interference, resistance, and difficulties.  Showing up as you move forward in a curvy path towards nurturing the bigger picture of your vision is vital.  

The peak of Maslows chart speaks of divinity, creativity, aligning with higher power.  These are at the peak as they are heightened sensations of aliveness and are when we are blossoming....into fruition and sharing the fruits of our labor because it brings so much joy to do so.  If we start at this peak is vitally important to think of sustainability and grounding....over the long haul.  Which means we need to really dig in deep to healing the roots and tending the ground that will support us in sharing the dream thru the challenges.  This means we have to do the work.  Dig in.  Heal up.  Here are a few tools that may help. 

1.  Healing the roots:  What beliefs have you learned about money from your mother? What beliefs are under the surface driving you that you learned about money from your father?  Have a gratitude moment for the positives and a releasing time for the negative beliefs you no longer feel are serving you in terms of money, abundance, and habits with both attracting and hanging on to money without fear. 

2.  Nurturing the seeds:  Some of your desires are from needs....some are from desires.  Know the difference.  If desires become more important than needs theres an imbalance that will eventually show itself in a disfunction like addiction.  The needs need to  have practical steps and lots of clearing the under the surface stuff blocking and taking steps you've not taken before.  Deeper awareness and stability.  The desires are the treats from the hard work.  Take note of where you feel supported and branch out into new places. Don't get dependent on the desires as a soothing elixir while avoiding the deeper needs.   This may feel uncomfortable at first but it's all about getting out of the comfort zone and riding the flow into new places of joy.  This will require taking chances and safely gambling out of security into a more fluid movement of creation in the moment.  The "safe risk" place of allowing the universe to support you more and letting go of those things that keep you stuck. 

3.  Pratical every day strategies include:

  • List making, keeping your eyes on your goals
  • Celebrating each evening by reflecting on the positive manifestations that came forth. 
  • Talking to friends about your accomplishments and asking how they are doing ( accountability)
  • Giving yourself honest clear feedback.  
  • Give yourself ample time to reflect, do nothing, and simply be.
  • Keep your eye on the bigger vision. 

Finding one or many practices that bring you deeply into the body and into expansive places in the brain simultaneously will build neuroplasticity in the brain and strength as you align to higher power ( whatever that is for you). It's all about the intention behind what you do.  Some ideas include Kai, meditation, learning an instrument, walking in nature, yoga.  It can be simply sitting and doing nothing for a period of time every day.  What's important is that you DO IT.  

4.  Ultimately.....let go of personal will.  Have goals and let them go.  Witness what arrises.  Choose and create from this. Ultimately, allow the wind of  Divine Will to be the stronger influence in moving forward as you develop surrender and trust balanced with following thru with a practice that will keep you aligned.   This is how integrity is built, in the resistant between need and desire and following thru toward a vision.  Integrity is a conduit for the divine to accelerate and enhance highest purpose alignment.  

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