Learn, Change, Grow.....be vulnerable.

Vulnerability hangover is what Brene Brown calls it. Embarrassment mixed with dread, and a bunch of other judgmental thoughts. It sucks. You don't.

That feeling after you've courageously opened your heart or perhaps shared something that was deeply meaningful to you. Opened yourself up to the possible criticism of others, maybe trusted someone whom you're wondering if it was wise?

Have you experienced letting down your " guard". Can that be good? Exploring that maybe you need less " protection" than you thought but you still aren't sure? Have you tested new ways of being in the world and felt your inner critic or saboteur attacking and creating stories soon after? Have you done something you felt ashamed of, it didn't meet your expectations or was simply not the best way to handle a situation and have taken the first steps in asking for forgiveness? That feeling you get after...... after the rush.

In dance, stories come forth like " I can't dance", " I'm uncoordinated", " I hate my body", " I have too many injuries", " i suck" or here's a big one : comparing yourself to others.....on and on...facing these stories by actually exploring movement and the " tape" in your head while witnessing truth of the experience ( feeling shame, self critical etc and moving anyway. Noticing sensation as a separate experience) can support change. Repeating it and not giving up will transcend the later hangover.

But, like anything new.... vulnerability is absolutely a part of it and it can kick your ass the next day. It's also absolutely necessary to keep growing whether you are growing into the depth of your heart or out sharing your self out in the world wider. Keep on.....

Some remedies?

1. Feel it, recognize it, move on.

2. Have a little dialogue with your shadow. Do not let them take the lead.

3. Stay open. ( don't get sucked into emotional vacuum)

4. Breathe. Self Forgive. Stay courageous. 

5. Notice sensation ( it's usually enhanced, there may be tears or anger)

6. Recognize your okay. Okay is good.

7. Allow yourself to trust this moment.

Let it be a new sensation you seek out. Get stronger.

8. Document positive results to remind you when emotions hijack. Persevere.


Love grows. Opens. Flows with change. Connects. With natural breathers, pauses, and recovery.

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