Co -Creating and the dance of balance in relationship.

Dancing with others in life is learned thru experimentation.  It's a work in process as we are always changing.  Like contact dance it takes deep awareness, full responsibility, and being centered.  It takes sensitivity to NOT over power all the time  nor UNDER power the other,  both of which are often habitual ways of "showing up" and lessen the potential that two can make together on creating anything. We get better with practice.  

When done really well its  a practice of "power sharing" constantly shifting back and forth with giving and receiving. It's ALWAYS changing.  Evolving.   Supporting some, being supported other times.  Moving away, moving close.  Understanding. This conscious way of relating is a co-creation with whatever or whoever we are relating to /with.   It is an opportunity to create beauty and be deeply present.  We can come together to create.....whether it's a romantic relationship, parent child or friend.  ...Here are some tips. 

1. Don't be afraid to " give your power away". It's limitless. Come from abundance not scarcity. You are in charge of when you need to "fill up" and the tools to resource your energy.  Be honest with both yourself and the other.  Come from love within and without. 

2. Do value what you bring...meaning KNOW and FEEL what you bring, deeply. Honestly.  It's your job to stay in balance, not the others.  Valuing is an internal job. This is how you feel into your own presence, or power. It's not on your tax statement, it's not a collective of what you own, it's not how many Facebook friends you have or "likes" or how many posts you is KNOWING and WALKING in  your strengths, abilities AND clear awareness of  your capacities, limitations and weaknesses.  It's your ability to be in the deepest layers of truth, to communicate it with others, to feel into balancing that truth WHILE in relationship. It doesn't look any certain way, doesn't have a color or shape.  It's your wholeness. It's your love you have within. 

3. Recognize what the other is bringing....value and respect that. Rest back and hold space for them to expand and grow and ADD to the creation.  Don't react when they express their truth.  

4. Be sensitive and not in your head. Know when to draw back, when to give...when to wait. It's a delicate dance and takes sensitivity to expand and not dominate nor shrink. It's inside the music in it's creation process or a painting.  Give it space and time.   The creation will form and change shape.  

5. Get the ego out of the way. The desire to make it something, to make it "good" , the desire to interfere are all ego pushing and controlling behaviors vs. listening .....surrender, trust and know that you'll be guided if you rest back and listen more deeply. Give yourself time and space to wait. It's an important part of creating anything......

6.  Be spontaneous (ego out of the way -again).....add something unique, take a risk, explore your edges. Don't wait so long you missed the opportunity to add sometime amazing!!! Between second guessing yourself and hesitating too long the timing of a response/choice/addition matters. Feel into it, then GO! This can be super fun, imaginative, and adds ALOT to long term creations that can get very "fixed" in their density. Re-creating a new picture from threads that are there and adding some variety can change the WHOLE picture:) 

6. Bless it. Don't be attached. Be in gratitude for the opportunity and honor what was created. Letting go and dealing with your own "stuff" when you need too. Spirit guiding. LIfe is all about creation. The downtime  can be just as thrilling, loving and nourishing as the high of a beautiful sense of completion.  Riding the highs equally to the lows is important.  Let yourself re-generate, compost, release. This is the cycle of life itself.  

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