The dance of MOTIVATION in the middle of change

If you are experiencing lots of change ( and who isn't these days??) one point or another you'll find yourself face to face with your own motivation or lack there of.  This is the edge of truth and growth.  

There will be days that you'll feel rapid forward movement and days that are slower, this is natural.....however, if too many of those slower moving days build up it's very easy to slide into a backward swing of habit, density, resistance, and difficulty.  The first dance step is to question all of it and MAKE UP YOUR MIND. .....Understand that change requires us to face the emotions and density of where and what we are resisting.   In what way are we attached to staying the same? What is the fear or other emotions? What do you think you need to do to get a different result?  What will it take to get from here to where we want to go? What are you WILLING to do? What will it feel like to be "on the other side" of this challenge? 

Motivation is the juice that gets us out of bed in the morning, it reminds us to follow thru on our tasks, and it wakes us up to new possibilities in ways of perceiving life. It's the feeling of having the wind at your back and being supported on your path.  However, the fact is the weather will change, life will throw you curveballs, and challenges will come.  It's the nature of change.  What do you do when nothing is making sense, you can't find your mojo, and suddenly you hear your thoughts sucking the life out of what felt like great goals the day before? This is the edge where some fall into waiting till "the universe lines up" or forever seeking purpose, or wandering aimlessly in a subtle under the surface victim mentality and not have a more empowered approach of being a creator.  A creative....a dreamer WHO IS MAKING IT HAPPEN even with the challenges.  

Getting the small things done that make you feel successful is like the first step in a cha-cha-cha.  It provides momentum and that energy can begin to direct the flow where you want it to go.   Change requires energy.  You are stopping some activity that is not helping you (sucking) and taking action in a new direction (investing-giving).  What helps in the in-between ?    Have a plan and repeat the "steps".  Making a list on your phone or pad every day holds you accountable and gives you a visual of what you are completing and what needs tending in the future.  It keeps those procrastinating gremlins at bay and affirms the direction you are going.  Like a dance step, repeating every day will help wire your brain up for feeling successful.  This is also a great place write out the emotions you wish to conjure and any other mantras or affirming words.  

Some simple tips that have worked for me include:

1.  MAKE A LIST.  Separate it into categories like "work", "home", "family", "self care", and "social".  Self Care includes things you do for your body, mind, emotions and spirit ( make sure touch all four areas).  Try to balance your to-do's in the categories so your not overly heavy doing things only in one.  Do this first thing in the am. 

2.  Reflect back on all you HAVE accomplished this year.  It's easy to start feeling down if we don't quite reach our goals in the time we feel we should.  Taking a moment to list the things that have been accomplished, all the little steps and the growth of where you are RIGHT NOW, will bring your energy up. 

3. Make "work" FUN.  Often we think of list making as a linear left brained activity that can lose it's luster if you are a creative type.  There are many creative tools out there to help you in business and in life now.  One of my favorites is the "Goals Diary Planner" life and business books by Leonie Dawson.  It's full of color, provocative questions, thoughtful ways to keep track and expand your joy and your bottom line if you an entrepreneur plus lots of resources for time and energy saving. 

4. Make a practice of "letting go" ......and "shifting ".  Letting go can be physically clearing a space, giving things away or perhaps meditation and breath work.  Clearing our bodies and our minds on a regular basis is essential to keep moving healthfully.  If you find yourself stuck in one way, it's likely stuck in others.  Consider a cleanse or looking at ways to eat better to support your body and energy.  Drinking lots of water is very important in the summer months. 

5.  Pleasure.......This one may sound counter intuitive but try it.  Pleasure comes in different packages for different people.  It may mean a moment in the sun, a day "off" to play, a sunset meditation or simply looking into the eyes of one you love and energizing the "why" you are on this path.  Pleasure restores us a vital ingredient in energy management. 

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