The mirror of resistance in life and creating with joy.

We know that to get the body stronger we have to challenge it.  We also know that for the body to be truly strong we need a balance of many things including strength, flexibility, mobility, stability and agility.  These qualities of fitness can be also be explored thru the mind, emotions and spirit as well as the body opening a dynamic sense of wellness that builds resiliency in throughout life.  This is approaching life fully energized, in your best feeling state, and creating powerfully from this center.  

Theres a tipping point in strength training where we are challenging a muscle beyond it's capacity possibly tearing the muscle down more than is necessary nor healthy for the body.  There is also a common imbalance in training where muscles are overused from stress, dysfunctional movement, and possibly from training more for ascetics and less for function and balance within ones life.  This is seen in the body builder who has bulging muscles and yet has difficulty sitting upright in a chair and getting up without stiffness and pain.  These extremes are all places to look for within.  Where in your life are you over working? Where are you placing too much emphasis and you "simply" need to shift attention? What is the tension/resistance to shifting your attention to something different? This is the place deeper inner strength in mind/body/emotions and spirit will thrive from training. 

I was in yoga the other day a guy was pushing his way into a difficult posture, his face all knotted up and red. He was working into his patterned way of handling stress.  Whether the stress is a chosen one to become healthier or one life throws at us, how we handle our mind/body/emotions and spirit are telling.....mirrors we can look into and pull out new ways to practice playing with resistance.  A question to ask is does pushing into the discomfort truly help with the gain?  In some cases this has worked for me.  My tenacity and dedication to showing up has always helped me however there is a fine line with my body where over pushing renders me ill.  There is also a point where my personal "wants" are not lining up to what the universe is showing me and I'm pushing in the wrong direction.  Recognizing this and re-directing your energy are more important than pushing harder!  My yoga friend was flat on his back soon after his intense posture  to catch his breath only to come up for another posture with the same labored breathing and clenching. How many times do we repeat a pattern before we use our time and energy with more grace and change perhaps allowing ourselves to be more supported and guided?  

From a creative space, I know that EVERY time I create whether it's dinner, a painting, a dance step, or even my day from a true "being in the moment" perspective........I have to face the tension of many things.  Creating isn't waiting for the moment to show me so much as going toward what i feel resistant too and toying with the possibilities that arrises from the tension. So there is a gift in pushing when it's into trying new things.  It's in this "not knowing" space that potential and freedom open up. The resistance is more internal.  Clenching, pushing, and forcing outwardly toward anything limit the flow of the beautiful moment that is waiting for me to arrive and open, supported most fully. 

Another way to explore resistance is to let go.  It sounds like a contrast to resistance, this letting it is letting go of the challenge.  The fact is  for most of us, we are so attached to our beliefs and thoughts of what we need to do, that we can be using fear as a driving impulse behind our choices and limiting the spacious open field of TRUST.  Staying open takes putting your impulses, desires, habits and even neurotic behavior aside ( which could be knotting your face up in a difficult posture and laboring your breathing!) thru using inner resistance.  STOP MOVING. STOP THINKING. STOP DOING. This inner self disciple and container will open all kinds of new things to show up.  An emotion, a sensation, a belief system, a new desire will come forward and you can craft into the moment from this.  

Sometimes we need some extra help.  We need to humbly recognize that our patterns are so deep we are too reactive to face the power of the energy in the emotions under the changes. This is facing the resistance and letting go.  Letting go to whatever supports you.  Trusted friends, your higher self, a therapist, a coach, God and or whatever you can lean in to as a belief structure that is bigger than you alone are all possible places to ask for help.  This is the space you can go into to  choose and be a co-creator in your life.

Victor Frankl is known for this quote "Between stimulus and response there is a space, it's in this space you'll find your freedom."  Stimulus and response are great places to explore tension and resistance.  What stimulus is happening for you right now? What is going on around you? Inside you?  Those are all stimulus's creating something happening inside.  The space before you scratch that itch???? That's resistance.  Go INTO THE RESISTANCE and create a new response.  This is how you train your nervous system and develop the ability to shift into whatever explorations in your life you are wanting to explore creating with.  ( love? career? family? social? body? )

It all begins with the presence you give to yourself, which could be termed love.  Embrace this moment with all of it's different shades.  Thinking " but this isn't what I want" or "this feeling is difficult" are not being present.  Just be with what is in it's totality and it will change before you eyes.  Every time. LIfe is creative and always changing.  Going with rather than against gives you more of everything. This is how to have a life as a dance from choosing love. 




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