The Universe provides a perfect "push-back" to that which we desire and in this tension creation happens with our choices.

It's seemingly natural to avoid those things that challenge us.  Its human to find the path of least resistance and sometimes that is wise. However continually seeking  that which we already know and avoiding  the unknown and the challenge end up weakening the body, mind, spirit and emotions.   The body and mind must have challenges to grow stronger. Life naturally will deliver us opportunities to grow.  Whether you look at it as a gift or as a disaster can greatly effect whether you receive the gifts being offered. 

Look at the butterfly .... with it's wings to be strong enough to fly it has to push and push into the cocoon to strengthen the wings.  A child has to fall again and again and continually get up to eventually walk and then run and then dance!  This challenge is what develops not just in the body but the mind and emotional strength as well.  

The cycles in our life that have the most changes are the ones that we need to pay the most attention to how we are exerting effort.  Noticing how we manage down time and finding ways that are more efficient is needed to truly fill us up these trials.  We have to let go of what we can't control and embrace that which we can, which includes how we manage movement, our energy, and our choices on a moment to moment basis.  

From a life as a dance perspective many people say they want "more money" or "more peace" or "a great love"  a "healthier body" or a "lifestyle change".  These are all lovely desires and by birthright we are all worthy of receiving them.  Anything you desire is available....the catch is you need to do the work to clear that which has blocking it and developing those skills that are necessary to strengthen you along the way.   

Embracing a new attitude toward challenges can help greatly in this process.  The archetype of the athlete looks at all challenges like they are energy bars. Get hungry!  Challenges are fuel to become stronger.  

Here are some other ideas to keep you on the path of becoming: 

1.  You are not a victim but rather the universe is giving you exactly what you need in exactly the right concentration to deliver you exactly what you desire.  Be your own hero. 

2. Consider yourself "anti-fragile".  You are robust and have bounced back many times thru every challenge.  Know your "robust-ness" .   Imagine the wind.  The wind blows out a candle but fuels a fire.  Same stimulus different responses....A fire is fueled by whatever you put in it's way.  Fires wants to consume and use as fuel what is in it's way. 

 3.Get excited about what is challenging you!  Infinite potential resides on the other side of fear.  Consider yourself fierce in your tenacity   Use everything as fuel for your growth. 

4.  It's how you perceive life happening that effects your ability to live most fully. Instead of challenges as threats view them as opportunities to meet the challenge and over come.  

5. Confidence means "with intent to trust".  Know you have what it takes to overcome.  .....Lean into all the opportunities to strengthen your body and mind.  

6.  What do you need to do more of when challenged??? Develop your emotional stamina to bounce back after feeling "bad" thru your choices.  The worse you feel the more you demonstrate your stamina.  The more committed you become to your practice.  Do you have a practice?  What do you do when you are "most on"??? These are fundamental things to do consistently, habitually and on autopilot when you are feeling down.  Do these no matter what.  Be a creator in all the tiny things...moment to moment. Tiny is important here. 

7.  What do you need to stop?? What do you tend to go to when your stressed???? Delete and get serious about stopping those activities that you know make you crash when under stress. 




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