As a species this may be what is needed to save us.

Cells are fascinating!.....A world of action, function, consciousness happening in 75 trillion of these little buggers in our bodies....every moment. What a dance. Our bodies have so much inherent information about what we need, best choices to make, how to love, where to go. It's all right here...inside. Most of us are so busy looking outside for answers, looking at the internet, being busy doing stuff and wiring our brains for "thinking" we've forgotten that the body's wisdom offers so much. Look at a picture of a cell and all the functions happening! 

Enlightenment is in the body. Every cell is picking up information from everywhere. From close (what it's touching, seeing, smelling, feeling) to far (the pull of the moons tides on our water). Your body has a wisdom and consciousness that is happening right now, all the time. We have the ultimate guide to life right our bodies. It's not abstract. It's a moment by moment tool for how to go about everything. Awareness of the limbic system, the brainstem, the rt hemisphere of the brain are activated deeply in our dance of Kai and thru sensation.  We practice this art of "dropping in" every class. 

The body loves what is.

The body loves experiencing life.

The body experiences without preferences.

This is not something we are familiar with. Most of us learn to run everything thru the ego's desire to name, judge and analyze everything. We are addicted to this as humans. The connecting links between our soma and our thinking mind are largely atrophied from all this "thinking". In the world of plasticity it's said that what you don't use,  you lose. The more we spend time texting, on phones, working too much ....our bodies become abstract "things"instead live tools with information to guide us. We lose our ability to tap into the bodies power. We lose the body/mind connection and over use the left hemisphere that is constantly strategizing and applying logic and detracting us from a source of truth that has no agenda. When we learn to direct our attention in a different way, we stimulate the growth of new neural pathways and activate dormant ones.

The body pulses it's language differently than the mind. It offers images, sometimes single words, a memory, and even subtly things we "feel" but can't put into words. Deciphering this language takes practice. Everything is registered in the body. It's a way to drop under the ego and our over all life process.

Throughout life we face a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unknowing.....learning to listen to what the body has to say is powerful. It's trustworthy, dependable and accessible to everyone...the soma. We need to develop the capacity to listen and the re-sponsability to act on the wisdom.

Learning to "check in" and receive all the time is what we practice in Kai and especially throughout a Kai training. I believe that it's thru the body and the heart that is a key into our future thriving as a community on our planet.

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