LIfe As A Dance Connects Us In a Spiral from the Fascia out to the World

We are one...What does that mean?  The body itself is "connected" thru the fascia which is also called "connective tissue" and is found through the body thru bones, muscles, joints and skin.  It is the fluid made of collagen and other fibers including cartilaginous, fatty and elastic tissues that gives the body shape, support, and binds and separates the organs and systems of the body.  It is an important tissue that is said to be the holder of emotions from traumas or simply tensions that the body accumulates throughout a day if self care isn't spot on.  The fascia is relative to the Water element.  When we have healthy fascia the body is comfortable changing shape easily, we move gracefully ( body communication is clear), and there is pleasure and clarity in expression. 

If we can find our "one" ....our own center thru personal responsibility of self care, health, and build a body that is resilient and has healthy fascia in the process....a natural connection to our surroundings begins to happen.  A desire to share joy, feel pleasurable relationships, connect more intimately with others, and to create from this place of flow emerges. 

Like the spiral of a seashell.....these connections are not contrived mentally.  It's much more intuitive and organic. Yet it takes deep intention and clear choices to work with the flow as it appears.  Staying conscious of old stagnant patterns that create tension, pain, mis-alignments and finding new skills to work through the challenges that growth produces.  There has to be a definition and clear sensation of the "one" for the merging into "two" and "three" and out into communities.  The "one " is you, in your body, in this moment. The fascia and embodied sense of being here fully.  Attuning to the many pulses and sensations your body is giving you and constantly creating a vibration of wellbeing.    This "one" is one of self love, fullness, wholeness so there is a wellspring to give and receive from all the many connections we can attune with in life. 

What circles do you dance with and what "steps" can you take to create better connective tissue in between? Here are some possible connections: 

Your body as a whole. Your intimate partners and close friends

Your immediate family out to distance relatives.

Your neighbors and people that work in the stores around that you frequent may form one circle.

Your colleagues and parents of your kids friends may form another.

Your religious groups, special groups you've joined for a collective purpose of learning or connecting are another.

Your political connections, your sexual identity, your hobbies, your support groups....are all circles.

Our community at large as the city we live in, our state, our country and our world.

This spiral of connectedness is a life as a dance model we explore in the Water Immersion. Where do you place your energy? How do you receive and give love to all these connections? Do you primarily stay in one circle? What would it look like to build more connections into different circles and be less dependent on one?

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