The body is coded to self heal....and it takes work and response-ability.

Did you know your body is coded to self heal?  Everything re-generates and thru our movement choices, our nutrition, our emotional patterns, our DNA , our surroundings and thru rest our body will naturally want to gravitate into it's most healthy vibrant state.  The next question may be then "why do I always feel tension in my shoulders?" or "why then do I have this disease?" or "how come I am not getting better?" or "why does this cycle keep repeating?".  There are many factors here at work that TAKE WORK.....many of them are about STOPPING your own patterns of resisting healing, and opening up to a new alignment that could change everything around you. 

....Let's start right here, in this moment.  Tip 1: Scan thru your body and notice sensation, notice your quality of thoughts and ability to focus, notice your over all feeling of "energy".   Optimal would be to be in what athletes call "the zone", executives may call it "full engagement", children all it "play".....It's where we are feeling a high state of intense focus, joy and flow. We are engaging fully with our body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Health feels vibrantly full on all levels.  From this scan gather information.....What are you NOT using well?? Where are you disconnected?  What have you NOT tended too that is leaving you open for illness at some point?  Now the most important question, what are at least 3 positive choices you are willing to make right now that will help you increase your ability to engage more fully, feel more healthy or to simply feel more comfortable? 

Those questions may sound simplistic but the choice of making the changes you listed above is where the work will come in.  Most of the time the things we need to do are exactly what we resist and hence the tension, the pain, the injury or the illness. Science is finally coming around to see how what we do with the body and mind and emotions play full out in our life as pain or as in feeling great....we all have choices.  News articles this week came out with defining research that no longer are they dishing out the pain pills for back pain and they have proven that yoga, movement and physiological health are the prescription doctors are now offering for this.   Physical Therapists and Doctors have long known movement heals and hence have you move soon after surgery, an injury or even an illness....its the movement and QUALITY of the movement that matters.  This means noticing how you are choosing to move it and listening in deeper, being mindful , noticing thoughts/emotions related's ALL CONNECTED.   

The question may be how much pain are you willing to live with before you choose to make a change in your lifestyle?......This is a serious question to consider and to look far down the line when masking or numbing out the pain become less of an option.  Tip 2:  What do you need to let go of to stop creating the pain and allow a new sensation of health, happiness and healing to happen?  

A third tip is do as much as you can and then ask for help! I recently had the pleasure of a cranial sacral massage with Cameo Rose a local therapist.  She cradled my rt side sacrum in her hands and I focused inside feeling the vibrating in my muscles from over use.  Her support offered them an opportunity to relax but they didn't want to at first even though my thoughts were so open to let that muscle relax.  She spoke with me asking me questions while i felt two sides, the part of me resisting and the opening and softening taking place.  I corrected myself when I first told her " my body is fighting it", and i changed it to "my body is slowing letting the new sensation of release in".  From here I had the deepest re-set in my low back all the way up to my jaw i have ever felt.  It was subtle work physically on her part with a depth of holding neutral space for me and the deepest work on my part.........Together we got into the  layers of my soma/psyche.  Now as i step, dance, breathe and talk  I feel a new connection with my jaw, thigh bone and inner abdominals.  Im practicing being very aware of what the NEW feels like so i don't go back into my habits that caused the mis-alignments.  It's fascinating and empowering! 

The 3 tips broken down:

1. Scan.  Notice in detail.  Name your action steps to work with your body.

2. What are you going to have to give up, let go of, or change?  What's the pain/pleasure risk ratio that will make the impetus for change a no brainer? ( TAKE RESPONSIBILITY)

3.  Ask for help! Cranial Sacral work is deep, meditative, and works on many level....I highly recommend it! Deep tissue massage and other forms of bodywork are wonderful too.  Work with your therapist and don't "check out".  

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