The Dance of Being with He-art.

Once you choose to be with what is, wait.  Feel.  Sense. An opening will appear.  At that moment take a breathe and go in thru the center.

 Into the the feeling that is waiting for you to notice it.  This feeling has texture, temperature, energy.  It's an emotion moving thru your body and system and has information to metabolize.  Loving it means paying deep attention to it, staying with hesitancies and layered judgements to avoid the present.  Go deeper....go deeper...stay with the discomfort.  On the other side is a spacious freedom you don't even know exists ...yet.  It's waiting.  The only entrance is thru the center.  

Become curious about the bodies unique way of holding an emotion and releasing.  Holding is felt as a tension, a knot, a tight muscles that reacted fearfully to some degree and didn't know it could relax now.  Sometimes the body is stuck in the past.  Reacting to life from the pain it once felt, the protection it needed to do, the natural reflexes sticking in a trauma reaction that is perfect in its intention yet doesn't yet know that it is safe now.  BREATHE.  Feel into this moment for the truth of this moment. Is it safe?  Tell the body it's okay....Come deeper in to the sensation of this moment.  Sink into the muscles, the bones, the joints.  The parts of you supported on a chair or floor.  Feel the space around you.  Notice the ever changing experience the body is having and deeper inside sink into the comfort of simply BEING.  Not thinking, just being. Being with it all.  

Underneath or after the emotion flows a new emotion floats up.  Maybe a little less frenetic, less reactive, and more comforting. Don't judge any of them.  You may notice a preference but simply notice that without it interfering with the nature of you.  The mind and heart connect thru this unconditional love that you give to yourself in this noticing.  In this not judging or conceptualizing anything, simply BE. What opens for you will grow with practice and time.  Breathe. 

In this beingness space you are held, nurtured, circled. Allow it in without fear.  Open to it. Breath it in.  There is so much that can happen here.  Pure Potentiality.   Creating from heart begins the moment you choose to be with what is and wait. Deepen in.  There is always more. It's unlimited and it's inside of you waiting.  



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