2017 is the year of being a bigger container for love.

Ive been thinking a lot about what's happening as we enter 2017. So much that feels scary, unknown, crazy and so much more reason to not give over into being afraid and opening more into YOUR creative abilities to navigate and add goodness to the evolving dance at play.  This is how improvisational dance unfolds. Here are some tips about BUILDING CAPACITY to create with love and making magic this year. 

Let go of control and open to pleasure.  It's sounds counter intuitive to the desire to create but the fact is if we try to control,  we are contracting. This doesn't mean being completely passive....it means stay in balance.   Contracting/controlling brings in fear, stories to support the fear and these stories fill any creative space potential.  What if we are blocking the flow of something greater? Softening and being a space for deeper possibilities is a gestational phase that is potent in times of change.    Being a conduit for the new takes surrendering over and over into the moment and allowing what wants to come thru to move thru. How do you breathe, relax, open and even encourage something really amazing to come into the world??? How can we all open more to this capacity?  PRACTICE letting GO...every breath, every movement, has a letting go phase...a relaxation.  Practice the relaxation. 

It's a lot like childbirth. Welcome it. You can't push before your body is ready.   Give yourself over to something GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, and blissful to come forth and wait. Waiting can feel like a lot of energy and can feel scary, but you can move that feeling of fear. That fear can be grounding, notice where you feel it in your body and honor it as a reminder you are ALIVE and we all feel it. We are all in this together birthing this new year together.  Allow all your sensations to be present as you expand and open. Some sensation may even feel achey, painful, burning but there are also sensations of tingles, energy flow, levity, and blissful release. It's your job to create this container, this field , for the forces of nature to move thru. 

Creativity is a force. Some call it God. Some call it Shakti or Ram or love. Use every tool you know of to remember in this moment you are safe, held, loved, and supported and that you play into the transformation coming forth thru your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. You are so important, and how you bring this forth is needed.  Thru music, dance, our relationships, our communications, art of all kinds, our jobs, our choices thru the day, are all acts of creation.  YOU are an artist of this moment.   We are all creating every moment collectively. Creating our bodies, our minds, our emotional states and our lives around us. Recognizing this and making new choices to better align with goodness, health,  vitality, and your highest potential /highest power and quality of life is a way to feel more empowered and make choices that serve. 

When you're  feeling good there is an infinite energy that flows out and effects those around us. Keep filling up your cup it's so important! Universal energy, love and light is always there .......It's naturally happening when we "fall in love". But we don't have to wait or make that happen with one lover. The trick is to be a good receiver and to give from a pure heart(i.e. not manipulating or over giving). What are you giving, when are you giving, how does it feel to receive?  Can you receive a compliment, or a hug ? Notice your capacity to be in this exchange and expand your capacity for both is a practice of calming the nervous system and being in relationship. This is a creative act of improving "feel good" emotions. 

These are all skills we will explore in our workshop coming up called "Listening, Sensing, Feeling and Being" on Feb 12th 1-4pm.   Every Kai class is also an opportunity to tap into a regular practice of opening up and building capacity of self love, trust, receiving and giving.  Dance and movement with community is perfect petrie dish of exploring this exchange while also developing tools of self regulation of the nervous system.  Thru  practice its possible to build a feeling of vitality, creativity, love, mindfulness no matter what's going on around you.  It's a way to re-wire the brain and train the body deeply for health AND  to collaborate with the world in the middle of changes.   Co-creating from a deeper calm and more expanded presence is needed right now,  it's called being comfortable in the uncomfortable and is a process of birth.

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