Fire in the belly

There are many sayings about fire that can "enlighten" us of it's power in our life as a dance including "you're  fired", "Ring of Fire", "Heated conversations", "I got burned", "She's HOT", and more......Fire in our bodies includes our body temperature, chemical changes, neural connections that "spark", and digestion. Outside of us fire is the sun and it's power to make things GROW.  The illumination of everything around us from it's light gives us more choices and even creates chemical changes from melatonin to vitamin D when we spend time out in it.  All of the elements outside are also inside of us and  reflective in our mood and states of being.  Fire when out of balance is overly angry, reactive, anxious, showy.....the opposite is also shown in feeling unmotivated, sluggish, or unfocused.  Here are some tips to learn to "hone" this important element and begin using fire in your life as a tool at your disposal for more vibrant health. 

What drives you?  Gives you passion?  Turns you on? Get to the bottom of motivation by remembering what's important to you.  Core Values describe those things that are so deeply part of who you are that when you aren't in alignment with them you feel "off".  Beliefs alone are a little more transient, and can be learned from our families, friends, our experience....Core Values are more describing of your personality.  Take a moment to list some "core values" and sense your energy as you do this. Some examples include:  Believing the world is a benevolent place, believing love is always there, believing a healthy lifestyle includes aligning body and mind with core values, believing in God or Goddess or whatever.  You'll know it's a core value when it resonates deep in the body.   When we go against core values there is inner conflict that depletes energy.  It might even feel like burning in the belly.  Aligning with core values is akin to a bow and arrow aligning to a target.  

Another way to work with fire is to acknowledge it's presence and utilize it fearlessly by "turning the volume up or down" on it's sensation.  A little irritation or even anger is fuel that can give extra energy when directed appropriately.  For instance, next time you feel an irritation, choose in that moment how you can use that sensation to make a choice.  Choose an activity that has been "sticky", maybe something you've been avoiding or dislike and channel the energy of the emotion into the activity with precision but also awareness.  Our body/mind can create all kinds of stories to avoid stepping over the coals of change and get too content in the "same-ness" of repetition. To work gently with this start with a baby step......building the fire gradually.  Break down your tasks into smaller pieces and begin there.  For example:  You know you need movement.  You feel comfortable on your couch and a class starts in 1 hour, your mind starting to ponder things you could do instead.  First question, who is the "you " coming up with reasons to not follow thru on your desire?  Second, use the fierceness of fire or fiery emotions to change the thought and take one small step.  Use fire to burn away the stagnation and feel the temperature of your body change along with the new energy that will come in once you get going.  It works EVERY TIME.  

One more way to befriend the flames of fire as your ally is to be spontaneous and to give yourself permission to be more "fiery" and make mistakes.  No one ever died from saying YES or NO to things that they previously said were okay.  Take a risk and open your voice.  Do some fire breathing exercises ( Like a cat would "pant" pushing the air out forcefully while contracting the abdominals) and call in a little Kali ( Goddess of Fire ) energy to blast thru that pile of paperwork on your desk.  Change is a gift of fire......allowing the moment to be what it is but also realizing that it's never the same.  This alert awareness and willingness to follow your heart and  your spirit will be a conduit to channel fire element and keep you in the forward momentum that is life giving and healthy.  Embrace and master fire and you'll never run out of energy! 

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