Are you ready to dance???

Why Dance????



There are some things you just know deep in your body, even down in to your bones....if you listen. One is that the body thrives on love, when it's loved. Another is that when we express ourselves and feel seen and heard and understood we feel healthier, breathe deeper, and sense more comfort and ease in the body. When we have been violated, scared or repressed in our responds. There is tension, pain, numbness and often a fear or loss of joy ….and joy is our birthright. Moving into the body and allowing it to dance is a statement itself that we ALL need to take for ourselves and for each other. It takes courage to dance, it takes a willingness to let down the guard, take off the mask and right to the underbelly of the raw truth. It takes LOVE. This peeling away of pain, numbness, disconnect, anger and aversion can happen in dance. I've seen's in the tears of a woman's eyes as she moves her hips, the sound of an exhale as someone releases spent on the floor, the goosebumps that cover my skin when I feel what your feeling. Dance bypasses the language barrier, it connects us all with the earth, and it's a radical catalyst to create and support change.

Dancing allows what's inside the body to be celerated, seen, expressed, moved and honored. Whatever it is. Dancing is our way to come home to our bodies truth. This is where we begin to learn to love a healthy loving way. It's a stepping stone to releasing shame and a grabbing ahold of the wisdom the body gifts us with on a moment to moment basis.

Learning steps ( choreography) is a practice of developing the brain THRU the body. We ALL can learn movement at any age and with no skill. We ALL can learn new patterns. This practice is how we become more adaptable, more able to change with ease, more able to let go of the old ways and be open to new ones. You have to notice your thoughts and yet NOT ALLOW them to interfere with the body doing it's thing of learning movement. By pass the negativity, by pass the ego's desire to “look a certain way”, by pass all of it and get to the raw, vulnerable and open self that is WILLING to take a stand to learn a new way of moving, to be in the raw open moment of truth and yet free in this childlike kind of innocence where learning occurs more easily. This is how courage is developed.

Eve Ensler says, “ Dancing provides a disruptive, joyful and artistic way of resistance to what is. It allow us to go further, to include everyone, and to tap into the revolutionary and poetic energy which is inviting us to take the lid off the patriarchal container releasing more of our wisdom , our self-love, our sexuality, our compassion and our fierceness....Dancing is defiance.”


With that said, are you ready to dance????  

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