There is more than enough.....a blog on abun-dance

How do you develop love within if you are of a mindset that there isn't enough love, time, money or energy  to go around?  This mindset is called "scarcity" and it's a habit just like eating too much sugar or smoking cigarettes.  It's a seductive place to live that colors the future and how we make choices. What does this have to do with dance or Kai?  Just about everything. 

When we feel like we are "not enough" , not young enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, our bodies contract.  We contract in other ways too.  Socially, we choose to do things that are less "life giving" and when we are social we are filled with a "need" for love....a need for affirmation, a need to have someone or something to let us know that how we are moving or being is ok.  This severely limits how the body naturally needs to move and express.  Mentally our creative ideas diminish and emotionally the range is a vacuum that creates stagnancy.   

I was in a yoga class the other day, a pretty straight forward intense practice where the emphasis was on getting the precision of the movements.  My body was feeling a quick drop in energy to the point that I knew i needed to rest.  Grateful for the work I've done with connecting within,  I explored the traditional "savasana" which is lying on your back still while everyone around me was doing the difficult postures.  My body still responded with depletion, so I explored lying on my side, and it wasn't till I rested on my left side with my arms and legs in a certain position that i felt the "yes" within.  Grateful I have worked thru the feelings and judgments or concerns from what others think to feel comfortable being connected within to do this, particularly in this in this kind of setting.  

Other ways that a  "not enough" philosophy effects our bodies is in our nervous system.  Blood pressure increases when we believe don't have enough money or time.  We start releasing stress hormones into the body and our immune system suffers.  Our mood gets tense and we respond to outside stimulus reactively.  The body even holds on to excess fat storage to prepare for starvation ( the metabolism slows down as an effect of the stress hormones flooding the system).  

How do you shift a philosophy that may be one you've had for years? 

1.  LET GO.  Let go of attaching that this way is "safer".  Explore what you'd do differently if you believed a new thought.  "I have more than enough time/energy/love/money/joy". See how your body responds and also notice the positive evidence that your new belief is making a difference. 

2.  Recognize that abundance is the nature of the universe around you and dance with it! Clinging to anything stops movement.  Love, money, energy, time are all flowing concepts that change shape all the time.  Stepping into this flow (water element) is where we enter into abundance that is constantly changing and always there.....Being in nature and appreciate the beauty and constant growth/death cycles can also help. 

3. Embrace creativity! Do more dance, more art, more creative pursuits and clear the negative thoughts in the process.  It doesn't matter the outcome.  Do it as a practice of opening to more flow. 

4..  Say YES when it keeps coming back....Love is always there ( or money, energy, time), it's infinite in capacity and  will come to you.  Be ready and say yes with gratitude! If what you desire is to have more abundance of any of the above or a constant flow you may consider finding it from more than one source.  Many streams of income, love, energy, and ways to create more time. Love can come from a pet, the sun, our food, music, family, friends and more. 

5. Making a commitment within to real abundance and believing it wholeheartedly is a practice that can help you attract a love (insert time, money, energy) that chooses you every day from a grounded, heart to heart, human form versus a fantasy or soul connection.......The same goes for abundance of time or money.  If you want to create something you have to be responsible for bringing it to this real, tactile, feet on the ground,  physical place .....If you are wavering in between moments you receive you have more inner word to do to strengthen commitment within.  Take practical steps, manage your time/energy/money/love with fierce attention to detail, and be honest.  

6.  Clear patterned behavior.  Forgive yourself for "falling asleep" and believing everything you learned thru your families and thru society.  Forgive, let go, and create a new pattern of what you choose to believe.  You are a creator weaving your future not just for you, but for the future generations and ultimately for societies and our world.  Love is abundant and the truth.  Believe and create from this rich natural resource!

7.  Surround yourself with abundant positive and love centered people.  Abundant philosophies are contagious. 

8.  Ask yourself, " what do i need right now?" and keep whittling it down to it's most basic component...then give yourself this.  Most of us feel we need so much to be happy......but that's a quick fix to the root problem that will keep returning.  Sit quietly and ask yourself what you truly need.  Then connect to a higher source, whatever that is of you,  and ask for help. The answers will come when you listen deeply. 

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