Focus, Insight, VISON 2016 The year to express and be seen!

Focus, Insight, VISION 2016 “The year of expression and being seen”. Part 3 


Being able to focus the mind on one task ( mindfulness) is a worthy goal for many people, especially in this world which values getting as much done as possible. There are many benefits that practicing mindfulness offer including lowered stress levels, better “responsiveness” vs. “reactivity”, and a general all over sense of well being that is improved. There are even studies that show that mindfulness results in better efficency in completing tasks and getting more things done vs. the myth that moving faster and multitasking gets more done. Once we can access and sustain mindfulness we naturally become more self observant and open to receiving insights into what's happening inside and outside of us, learning about what we are experiencing. This way of gathering information gives us the opportuntiy to make choices from clearer information that we might not ordinarily see as options if our minds are spinning. The third capacity to gain from our eyes is our ability to receive a vision and hold it like a map as we navigate day by day our life.

Vision is sometimes a term used to describe a picture that comes into our mind out of the blue and often coming from “spirit” or divinely placed that is either showing us something we need to know or that prophecises something that is going to occur. Having a vision is also our ability to create a picture in our mind that depicts either things, feelings, relationships, success, our health or other that we'd like to bring forth into the world.   It can be described as  taking a picture of yourself in your happiest most joyful expressions and using that vision like a road map to help guide you towards your destination of choice. Visions are empowering, enlightening, and offer motivation to keep you on task daily accomplishing what you need to do to reach that picture of you in your head . Developing your vision for the year ahead, five years ahead or even further out to ten years or beyond help to direct the choices you'll make as you navigate all the day to day tasks that require choice.

Last year the theme for the whole year was “heart” and surely that theme showed up in my life in a very  profound way . This year i've been waiting to get the “vision” of what the year ahead may have in store for me and possibly others and it finally came clear yesterday...I usually wait to feel a sensation in my body of "knowing" and it showed up this week.  .For me, 2016 is the year of sharing more authenticity and expression either thru language and words or dance, writing, singing or art.   It's a time to get really clear on when the ego is taking hold vs. authenticity and clearing away self doubt or shame. Being seen/witnessed is a perfect exercise in this and can be a quick way of accepting and moving thru many emotions that can weigh in heavy.

Here are some tips to help focus your vision and gather insight as you peer into the upcoming year. 

1. FOCUS:  Take time to get mindful.  Practice doing one thing at a time or even some time doing NOTHING.  Shuffle thru thoughts and clear them each by noticing they type of thoughts they are and then imagining you are "filing" them away in a file. 

2.  INSIGHT:  Let go of what last year was like.  Do a ritual of release.  This can be journaling, talking with a friend, or just thinking a bit and summarizing what you learned then letting it go intentionally.  Imagining walking out the door and opening a new door with 2016 on it.   

3.  VISION:  Take the time to be still and pose the question " What will 2016 be like"?  Wait and listen.  As you look at the year to come are there things you feel ready to do?  Is there an emotion you'd especially like to feel more of?  Take the time to visualize yourself over the year thru the seasons and notice the details of the colors you wear, the expression on your face, who is around you etc.  Remember this is the image of you that you WANT to are the allow yourself to get a little fantastical. PAY ATTENTION to detail and either write down or make a collage with any of the items you "saw" in this vision right away.  It doesn't have to make logical sense.  Sometimes something in a vision is a symbol that will lead you towards a desire you didn't know you had.  Keep this vision near you throughout the year to remind you and keep you on task.  


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