Admit it's trauma....heart ache, loss, falling, all of it. Then move on.

Dancing has many benefits and one of them is to help heal the emotional and physical manifestation of trauma.  Trauma to the body feels like pain.  It's a sudden or over a long period of time breaking down of the tissues of the body creating disease, paralysis, tension or malfunction to the body in some way.  A body free of tension, moving easily, feeling joy and expressing all emotions as well as functioning highly in life in all ways is one that has working thru and healed many traumas ( not one that has avoided them).  

Healing the body fully happens on many levels including the mind ( what is the story you have around the incident?), the emotions ( what feelings did you experience and what is the expression of them you had or didn't have at the time?), physically ( where and what did it feel like in your body?) and spiritually ( in what way did  you feel it unique to you? Why did you attract this? What's the bigger picture?)

In Kai we explore awareness and witnessing our dance, allowing it to have purpose.  This creates a space that is ripe for healing all the different levels of us that maybe haven't been heard yet.  It's purification of sorts.  As the body and the stories the body holds become expressed the fascia in the body communicates more purely throughout the whole system....movements get more fluid, the dance has more pleasure, it takes less effort to move. It's also creates a body that moves with creativity flowing throughout it.   

The very first step is letting down the guard of the ego.  Naming the traumas for what they are and then allow the dance to do its magic.  We all experience traumas in life from the first heart break ( to the 100th!), to the time you tripped and sprained an ankle.  Anything that 's effected your body/mind/spirit/emotions and gotten trapped into tension is a trauma of sorts as your natural way of moving is a child. 

Naming the trauma and surrendering into the dance of release is the second part.  Don't keep repeating a story, but don't inhibit it either.  Allow the dance to take you where it needs to go without attachment.  It's this allowing that will lead you to a deeper in healing.  Not making the trauma grandiose, nor denying it happened......

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