Respond to drama like a ninja thru four simple allies.

Our bodies and minds need energy and energy needs to move.   Thriving in todays world is dependent on how well we balance all the different aspects of energy from our minds,our emotions, our bodies and even how well we sense our authentic nature as a resource to tune into.  Defining authentic and managing energy efficiency is a daily task of balance and there are 4 allies available based on the work by Don Miguel Ruiz that have proven LIFE CHANGING to many and absolutely essential to me, heres why: 

 First let me say how incredibly simple they are and what happens when we are NOT following them.  

1. Don't take anything personal.  

2.  Don't make assumptions. 

3.  Speak with impeccability. 

4.  Always do your best.  

To follow them means you agree and commit to NOTICING WHEN YOU ARE NOT aligning with them.  The gift here is EVERY TIME YOU DO FOLLOW THEM YOU BUILD UP YOUR ENERGY RESERVES, YOU MAKE BETTER HEALTHIER CHOICES, LIFE FEELS BETTER.  You get better at NO DRAMA leaks taking you on emotional roller coasters, and you build up a wider dance space in your head and life to be in a state of inner peace.  

Big cue you are "off" from your agreements??? You feel sad, angry, depressed on a regular basis and project the reason you feel not the way you want onto some other situation or person.  Your life problems become the result of others doings and you re-create story after story that your reality ( happiness) is not as good as it could be if only everyone around you would do what they are supposed too.  Sound familiar??? Sometimes you gotta really get still and dig to see what that story is circling in your head and realize that it's just a story ( making an assumption).  Is there an addiction to the feeling of drama????  Stop feeding that parasite it's sucking your energy.  Ask more questions, open up to other possibilities...there are always ways of seeking more clarity. 

Sometimes those are stories about yourself you think others are thinking.  JUST STOP.  Like a ninja, notice it and stop it.   Choose love.  Choose a new story that reflects love. Choose a story that expands rather than contracts.  You  have the power, use it.  Maybe some tough love is Yoda says, "you either do or do not do, don't try".  Your life is far too precious to leak another drop of your energy on re-creating a drama and you being the victim.  This may mean leaving those relationships around you that are dependent on drama.  You have to let them go .......  Love expands. 

Clamp down on ego driven thoughts that think everything others do is because of you.  Whether someone looks at you funny, dumps a bunch of emotions on you, accuses you of something you didn't do, or even when someone comes on very strongly with lots of compliments........don't take it on.  It's NOT about YOU, it's their story.  You are just being YOU and if you are effected by their attempt to pass on their emotion it's only that you took it personal.  Your ego when centered in authenticity isn't wavered by approval or disapproval from others.  It is in a place of love by just being.  Develop immunity to others attempts of releasing pain.  It is their pain, and you don't have to take it on.  This can be done from compassion and even from empathy without taking it on.  

Say what you mean, take the time to choose your words and find them thru listening within.  The body is a powerful tool to find resonance with the words you want to say that describe your thoughts as clearly as possible.  Speak from LOVE.  STOP SAYING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OUT LOUD.  If I could shout this louder I would.  STOP NOW.  What you say you create and think.  The only way to get better is to STAY ALERT, PRACTICE CONSTANTLY, DO IT NOW.  Time is of the essence and every good Ninja knows that practice is part of the deal. It's not just "during a training", or " with certain people".  It's ALL THE TIME and NOW.  I can't be gentle here with how very important this ONE THING IS.  If you are going to agree to live in love you have to align with truth, the truth defines you.  

Do your best.  Don't shame yourself, you are human and we are all doing the best we can....and we all can do better.  Catch yourself when you are off and affirm yourself when you feel you are making positive changes.  You'll know it by feeling more positive, more energy, more vitality, and things will feel expansive and joyful.  LET IT IN!!!   Doing your best is not being perfect, it means you are "in" by agreeing and noticing those slippery moments where you fall into the dark.  Ask your friends to "catch" you when you are in the call you on it and remind you that you have the power to choose.  A community of people agreeing to these is a magical and beautiful way of building more love.  

I choose to follow these as I know that for a community to stay connected we need a space that isn't filled with all the stories flying around the room in between us.  We need more self regulation and personal power and less dependency. The world needs each of our unique strengths and needs us fully powered in them.   I believe we have to do the work to build this in order to evolve and doing the work means welcoming in the challenge every time we get "tweaked".  These four allies are your tools and will help you remain centered in your power, fully energized and ready for anything,  if you choose them.  I hope you choose love.  



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