Turn ON your brain and notice all the choices you have......

Everything you do, say and are is a function that first began somewhere in the brain.  Our brains' can be considered the "mother ship" leading us thru life.  Even when we are sensing our body and turning off our thoughts, that is a certain part of the brain that is stimulated, and it has a sensation.  When we rest, dream, think, emote, shift thoughts, visualize, learn, see, hear , taste, smell, remember, and sense we are using various areas in the brain.  How we direct our "mind" ( the energy thru the brain) is a skill you can learn.    It takes a deeper awareness and practice but can be FUN and you'll see the results right away. 

Our brains build "grooves" or networks from those experiences ( or lack of new experiences) we put our selves into.  These grooves make us feel comfortable, supported, we know what to expect and the nervous system relaxes.  The problem is we get "sleepy", our joy goes down, our creative thoughts diminish, we get "stuck" in our lives, and anything outside this small area of the brain sits dormant.  We drive the same way to work everyday, we eat a small range of foods, watch same tv shows, have same conversations, sleep same way, walk same way etc.  These habits eventually lead us into a less heathy brain and often into habits that don't support thriving in life.

There are lots of studies show that our brains thrive and we feel more vitality and happiness when we are doing things in an unexpected manner.  Under brain imaging, our brains literally "light up" when we expose our selves to unique new experiences .  This is how dance and having a strong intention to move in new and unique ways comes into Kai.   Those moments when your body won't feel the timing, be able to "copy " a step, or be able to move outside of any patterns.....THOSE are the moments that the brain gets really "turned on".  This sensation of "turned on" in the brain is a GOOD SIGN of new neural activity.  .  Finding those "awkward " sensations of moving the body in a position it's not been in for awhile, or a movement that activates  memory, or emotions can be a guiding post that you are DOING IT IN A NEW WAY.  Something big is happening in the brain outside of the normal list making, analyzing, judging, accessing, and repeated thought forms that are for many people negative and life sucking.  As you dance  more frequently your awareness has to be even more keener as the brain likes to become complacent and that is NOT good.  Activating a deeper sense is noticing, acknowledging, being curious, staying WITH the awareness till something new comes forth from the familiar. Here are more tips to keep your brain young, creative, vibrant and an ALLY for you to use as you create the life that you dream......


1.  SHAKE IT UP.  Dress out of the ordinary.  Be brave.  Do it and feel your responses. 

2.  Find new social situations to put yourself in that challenge your communication and comfort levels.  

3.  Eat new foods.  

4.  See NEW things.....instead of staying home, go out and explore places in your city that you've never been.  Be adventurous....

5.  Become filled with WONDER.....what if?  In dance it's approaching the body in a beginners mind again and again.  Every time you come, every song, every movement, every group is new and unique.  Being open and curious help to find the new adventures in the "old".  

6. Find NEW ways to handle and OLD problem....and DO IT.  Sometimes it can feel like you are stirring the pot in a whole new direction and will take some time to get it going.  Trust .....and push.  Change is natural, as we explore new more often we turn on the brain in all kinds of ways to find new answers, new steps, and hope and possibility are ushered in.  

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