Focus, INSIGHT, Vision part 2

As 2016 approaches this is a great time to get more introspective about the previous year and gain some insight into where you truly want to be going in the upcoming one.  Focusing is directing your vision, Insight is looking into the reflection of what you see and pulling out the details that will help you navigate from a deeper place of knowing.  

When I was 13 I would roller skate almost daily and practice all kinds of tricks to see what i could get my body to do.  I took lessons from a coach and he was helping me to learn to do a double salchow.  This is a jump up in the air with a spin two times landing on one foot/rollerskate.  I would do it repeatedly and fall over and over.....that floor was hard!  The only way I got from jumping and landing 1/2 spiral in the air to eventually doing a double was to reflect and gain insight into what I was doing each time in my body and to use that information to re-direct myself to learn to move my body differently.  ....To look within and gather the gifts of "learning" instead of judging can really help anything you are desiring to bring into your life, create, or manifest.   Insight gives us the detail, the reflection.   It's the open eyes seeing every detail and even allowing in ideas that seem to come from's a very different skill than just relying on what you have learned in the past.   

Insight is felt thru the body.  It feels different than struggling to find the "right" answer.  Access insight thru finding the pause...the still moment where you allow silence and relax into waiting. In these moments which can be very short, feel for the difference in your body of a contrived response versus and deeper body knowing.  Insight feels grounded.  A question that may help is "What am I not seeing here?" and waiting.....

Becoming comfortable and fluent with insight takes practice and  is empowering.  You  know the next right step you need to make, we all have this skill though some of us may be a little rusty. Some tips include:

1.  Surround yourself with people who also know you and who hold space for your to find that answer versus those stepping in to do it for you. ( or offer you their insight).  

2. Stay away from advice filled with "shoulds" or "you need to"'s.  

3. . Keep building trust in yourself thru practice and clearing away injuries from the past that blocked your ability to see for yourself.  ( identify times you've had insight but didn't listen to it. Learn from this.....) 

4.  Play a game of reflection at the end of the day and take 5 minutes to remember where you were all day.  How your body felt as you did your errands or work.  Then let it go.  This will strengthen your ability to remember from a place of sensation versus the mind/memory.  

Build up the ability to FOCUS, gain confidence and capacity to receive INSIGHT and then create the VISION of yourself overcoming hurdles, creating things beyond what you dream possible, and having a year filled with great energy and health, vibrance, fun, blissful experiences and amazing relationships.  


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