Find YOUR groove and stay in it.....

What is YOUR groove you ask?  It's that sweet spot of flow in life where wellbeing meets a balance of your purpose and your potential.  In dance it's that feel that you move effortlessly and as if something outside your smaller self is guiding your movements.  Your groove is unique to you and craves being expressed in whatever way it needs to move.  It's not in the magazines, books or in the style your friends approve of.  It's not a way of being that allows you to fit in, however the more pure you are in your groove you'll begin to attract others who are similar ( not the same) in their ways of being.  

One way to get into your groove is having a daily ritual that connects you within.  Meditation is a great one.  Take time to be still, not "doing" anything. Eyes can be open or closed but not focusing on anything in particular.  Let what's happening in this moment come to you.  If you find yourself planning, judging, or even "trying" too hard,  take a breath, relax your body and just take note of what's happening and sit in stillness to wait for it to shift.  You'll know when your "groove switch" has been turned on as pleasure or tingles will expand in your body and a sense of peace comes in.  This is a great way to start each day!  It's enhanced if you can be outside and let the elements charge you up.  

Sustaining your groove takes a little more practice.  Notice when you've LOST it.  When emotions spike or when you feel you've lost joy and are on the "treadmill" of life.  Being "in the groove" can be a thread that weaves thru your day as you complete all your tasks of living that help you to feel purposeful, even the mundane or distasteful tasks.  This groove is a magic barometer that will greatly increase opportunities, synchronicity, collaborations, creativity and fun. If you feel it lost, take a moment and close your eyes remembering the sensation you had in the morning, breathe in the moment and let it expand.....this re-turning to your groove can happen in seconds or may take a bit longer at first.  Every time your re-turn affirm to yourself you ability to come back into it.  This is an important step to develop consistency and eventually your groove is happening all the'll be the music that plays in the background of your life as a dance.  

Now theres' one final tip.  If you've lost your groove for awhile it's common to feel "shame" at doing this to yourself or even "not worthiness"......practice self forgiveness, be your own best dance partner and give yourself an extra bit of love.  This may mean moving extra slow, taking time "off" from doing, getting really committed to asking your body what it needs/wants and giving yourself the gifts it is desiring.  Let go of any attachments around what others think about this and feel your energy return.  It's from your groove that you are your best self and can then connect with others with integrity and presence.  

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