You gotta feel open


What's your practice of opening up?  What do you do to feel open?  Some of us do yoga, some dance, some go in nature, some journal.....some just keep buzzing with "stuff" that feels familiar. This buzz feels "normal", and yet there is a lack of contentment once you get down to the bottom of the conversation.  A feeling of "needing" something more, to eat, to say, to do, to be.   This is reflected in a lack on connecting deeper in relationships, reacting thru life and yet wanting it different, or in a general sensation of buzz.....too much noise in the head.  

We are constantly taking in life through all our senses.  What we see, smell, touch, and taste is taking life in.  However for most of us, we are so full of "stuff" we don't have the patience or desire to take in more.  We are already full and just looking for a way to "feel better" and open.  I've found I need a practice of letting go, releasing, emptying out of the "stuff" I somehow take in, take on, or gets stuck on me. 

Here are some tips on letting go and clearing the body/mind:

1.  Journal.  You don't need anything in particular to start a simple sheet of paper will do.  You can destroy it after you purge if you need too:)  I like to keep a journal and use a pen with gel ink that I enjoy the feel of.  Write whats on your mind.....just write, even if it's non-sense.  It's the act of expression.  Notice how you feel after!

2.  Sit still, and breathe.  Forget "meditation" , that can be daunting for many....just practice the art of being perfectly still physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ( that means being present to YOU - your spirit, not God or other. ).  Start with 5 minutes and build up time.  Notice how you feel after!

3.  Move and Notice your Body.  As you move, notice how your body feels.  Take 5 minutes and even put a song on.  Call it a "dance break" and just move in your home, or take it to work.  Your body will dance naturally beyond learning steps, or patterns.  Get underneath judgements ( but notice them and let them go with more positive affirming thoughts), and touch the primal open space of YOU and YOUR BODY in movement.  Notice how you feel after. 

4.  Yoga.  Your issues are in your tissues as they say.  Get down on the mat, take some time undisturbed to stretch.  Notice the thoughts that arise as you align your bones and tug on the muscles gently.  It's not a surprise if you hold tension in your neck and as you stretch there you remember that last conversation you had with a friend and you found yourself not saying what you meant to say!  It's all connected.......Sometimes you gotta hit from different angles to get to the truth and then have the awareness to clean up your expression.  Notice how you feel after. 

5.  Cleanse.  This can be a bath, shower, a sunbath, a nature walk, a day of silence, or taking the time to change how you normally eat to switch things up and take a journey out of your normal routine......I consider a cleanse a special time set aside with the intent to release.  It's a ritual of sorts that includes all the above.  Sort of like a vision quest into the soul, it's a scheduled time ( i like to do 30 days,.....though it could easily be created in any time frame, even a day) with a specific intent.  I like to add in juicing as it becomes a LITERAL cleanse for my bodies digestive organs as well. I don't follow any special program outside me, I let my body guide it and allow it to unfold naturally.  Notice how you feel after.

6.  Talking with a friend.   This is another path to releasing.  Important to find someone that you trust and that you express ahead of time what you need from them.  For example, if you just want a sounding board, as the right person who knows how to do this well, and who will understand your desire.  Notice how you feel after. 

All of these ideas have the tip to "notice how you feel after".  This is so important......getting that imprint in your body/mind/nervous system of how it feels after to be open, empty, lighter.  Your brain will begin to re-wire itself to need this releasing on a regular basis.  It's a natural cycle that most of us forget to do until it's too late ( ie. we become sick)  Everything changes inside from your brain, to your muscular and respiratory system to your hormone chemistry.  Noticing the sensation will start to imprint your nervous system to feel this new open-ness as it's normal state. Eventually it will take less time and effort and releasing will be as easy as your exhale.....  


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