How many times have you heard that in your lifetime??? I'm going to guess if you were like me, you heard it a few times in your teen years or find yourself saying that now as a parent.  This term, "youre grounded" always meant I was stuck at home, not able to go anywhere or be with friends, and was an act of "punishment" that I received if I had done something wrong.  It was a taking away of freedom that I sought to deeply.  From the bodys' perspective "grounding" has a whole different meaning and effect.  

If you search around there are all kinds of new thinking about the importance of grounding, and research is coming forth to back it up.  Grounding in an electricity sense is when a circuit is connected to a grounding wire in order to keep the voltage from becoming built up or stagnant.    Grounding removes excess "charge".   The human body is made up of energy and picks up, transmutes and emits energy all day long. This energy is a mix of low level light, heat, and acoustical energy.  Though there are no scientific agreements about the definition of this biofield,  it's obvious that there is some electromagnetic force that is moving through the body all the time.  It's effected by our environment , our emotions, people, and what we do with our bodies.  There is a growing movement called "Earthling" where time is spent outdoors and barefoot allowing this energetic and natural connection help to balance the energetics of the body through our feet.  

Our feet consist of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 7,000 nerve endings.  They are complex and designed that way to provide stability and mobility to our body as a whole.  Feet receive, and feet give with each step we take.  The information that comes up the body on the left side is considered the "yin" or feminine side as it gets registered in the right hemisphere of the brain  ( the more creative side) and the information coming up from the right side of the body corrolates with the left hemisphere ( more analytical).  This cross the midline effect of walking develops early on when we are babies and begin to roll, creep and crawl developing our ability to balance and perceive our bodies in motion.   

Through time we've learned lots about protecting our feet.  Manufacturing all kinds of shoe support, as well as developed an industry around shoes as a statement of "worth" or "power" .  ( power shoes, sexy shoes, high heels, boots)  The downfall here are feet that have forgotten how to move, how to support everything above it, and loss of REAL energy connection to the earth underneath.  Vanity has it's cost in this case, a price I am willing to pay at certain times, always with the knowing that I can balance it out with some barefoot dancing foot therapy.  

From a mental and emotion sense grounding is a way to be less bumped around by emotional pain ( craving , anger , sadness or especially fear - a common emotion for the "root" chakra) and more connected within the body detracting from so much happening in the external world thereby limiting distraction in the mind.  Grounding "anchors" you to the present and to reality.  Use grounding when you are faced with a trigger, enraged, disassociated, having a craving, or whenever emotions are swirling.  


  • Keep your eyes open.  present.  
  • rate  your mood, mental focus and body energy before and after to measure if it's working.
  • no talking about negative feelings, or journal writing.  We want to detach or distract from this story, not get in touch with it. 
  • stay neutral, avoid judgements of "good" or "bad". 
  • grounding is not same as relaxation. It is active.  Focus on shifting emotional and mental energy with the physical body.  

Here are a few simple ways to ground:

1.  run water over your hands

2.  grab onto your chair has hard as you can, feel the pressure. 

3.  push as hard as you can into a wall. 

4.  walk barefoot, and feel your footsteps, pace, sensation.

5.  carry a grounding object in your pocket which you can touch when feeling triggered.

6.   jump up and down. 

7.  clench and release yours fists. 

8.  eat something and describe in detail the flavors to yourself.  ( root vegetables are great for grounding...potatoes, yams, onions, carrots)

9.  picture people you care about, look at photos of them....stay in the present. 

10.  Have a grounding affirmation, for instance " I love my body and trust it's wisdom".  


Please share with me some of your favorite "grounding " techniques!