In-Spir-ation. To take in .......

Inspiration....feeling inspired means so much to me.  It's the difference between going thru my day  in a mundane, routine,  and habitual way OR living my life feeling excited, passionate, and aligned with my purpose in a large way.  

Inspiration means to take in, the breath.  It's a place of receiving.  It's the simple idea that drops into the mind about what to say, what not to say, what to make for dinner, the rememberance of a task that's needed to be done to be complete, the thought that provides energy for  the day in general.  Many times in dance the inspiration to move a certain way, share an image or offering a thought that can help others engage more in the experience can be obtained. This skill is one we hone in learning to teach Kai.  It is available to ALL of us and felt thru the body. 

 In-Spir-ation comes in many forms,  it can come through other people, in the silence when listening, or through observing a random occurance and making sense of it in the mind.  It has a feel that is expansive, receptive and a resonance IN THE BODY.....this is how to know if  it's truly inspired and not just the  "trying to think to get an answer".  BEING IN THE BODY is moment to moment attuned, connected and sensing as many sensations in the body as possible while staying relaxed and waiting.......waiting for the sensation of the next inspired movement, thought, idea, or impulse.  

Here are some simple tools to help you live from inspired action:

1.  EMPTY- Get really good at releasing.  Exhaling.  Letting go.  Feeling empty. Beginners Mind.  NOT KNOWING.  A practice of meditation, or some kind of ritual ( lighting a candle, intentionally doing something that signals release).  

2. ASK FOR IT. -  "Spirit , I need an idea"  "How do I make this work?"  "what am I to learn here?"  "What should I do?"

2.  RELAXED BODY-  Scan through and invite relaxation in.


4.  WAIT-  The sensation of waiting is patient, being, allowing.....Staying open. 

5.  RECEIVE-  When an inspired thought comes thru notice it's sensation in your attention to this sensation and become familiar with it.......The more you respond to inspiration and notice it, the more it'll come through! It is a dance, and can take very little time.....much faster than you can type in "inspiration" into your computer and has far more accuracy and function in daily life. .  

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