2015 The Year of HeART


Look inside and go deep.  Below the protective shell and into the soft center of your desire.  Allow yourself to rest here a bit, caccooned in the tender spaces of possibility and beauty.  Let yourself be wrapped in the folds of your deepest urges and be nourished, fed and supported.  The watery realms of your sensual self that knows what it wants, what it needs, what it would like to feel comforted, supported, alive and even blissful.  Go into  the pleasure of creative flow without "knowing" what your going to create, no intention, nothing.....just float, be, rest.  It may appear nothing is happening and yet if  you sink in deeper the life within you is moving, changing, growing, releasing, dancing.   There is no determined amount of time you must stay...."it" has it's own time for you to discover. 

This dance has a life of it's own with no predicted patterns yet.  No steps to learn.  Yet it is a dance, it has a natural expression, beauty and flow that no words can fully encompass.  To witness the unfolding of another moving with this aliveness is to see life itself, to see the unseen, and to be in the presence of all that is.  This is the aliveness inside you.  Don't let it die....Instead, cultivate it as you would something very precious.  Let it guide you in every moment.

 To hold yourself in a space of reverence as this dance unfolds is the gift of being present.  Acknowledge the sprouts that burst out of the seed and dig in to the earth.  The agility of change, of  CHOICE.  The "push" of desire so strong that the energy move forward seems to come from no-where.   Celebrate the changes in shape, the momentum, and the emerging pattern.  Divine light is shining down to nourish you and guide.    Stay with the magic of the moment while also noticing what happens this time, last time, in future time.  Navigate growth from love.  Sometimes that means "tough love" or defining what real unconditional love it.  

We are meant to grow, it is our natural order of existence.   Going with this is allowing yourself to be supported NOT HANGING ON TO THE EDGES with white knuckles.  You are here for a reason and that reason is needed for us all to thrive.....feel yourself expand to new outer edges of discomfort and yet comfort in knowing  you are creating not alone and it's all beautiful. Witness on another in awe of the amazing things that we can all do.   The edge of a leaf unfurling has no idea ahead of time how far it's reach towards the sun will be or why it's leaves are even expanding.  Feel the subtle whisper of your ancestors generations back blowing on your leaves saying "grow, grow, grow!" It is the natural order of existence.  

On the day you feel yourself closing in.....even in that there is beauty.  Acceptance is a dance of surrender and allowing.  Softly allowing your life force to nurture those around you.  To watch and witness the cycles of nature spiraling thru time.  Babies grow into toddlers, children into adolescence and on.  What a gift it is to see this life , to breathe in the beauty of it all, and to truly live it.  


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