Intelligent Healthy Fascia and Emotional Clearing. A Daily Practice.

What used to be the main focus of fitness is changing.  Years ago fitness emphasized bones, muscles and joints as the parts of the body most important to move and explore to bring health and  fitness.  Today there is a new found interest and discovery of the importance of fascia.  Healthy fascia is recognized when the body has good communication and coordination skills, the emotional body is flexible and adaptable, and the tissues in the muscles are pliable.

Our fascia connects our body like a river that winds through and around the entire body.  Fascia covers and connects our muscles and organs and is a communication network for the body and mind. 

There is a saying of "Our Issues are in our Tissues" that I love.  It's no surprise that when we feel an emotion our bodies take on specific shapes.  Therefore, our muscles respond to our thoughts that trigger our emotions and so forth.  Our minds effect our bodies and our bodies effect our minds.  It's all connected.  If our bodies become locked in a stress response from a past trauma, the fascia is communicating that there is danger and it tightens.  This tension takes alot of energy and creates pain. Having a practice like dance ( Kai works on many of these levels), yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, bodywork is a way to keep the emotions flowing and moving.

Emotions begin in the nervous system, get exported to the muscles and the pattern in the muscles programs this determines the pattern in the fascia.  One way to curtail this is to have a daily practice of movement done intentionally to disrupt the old patterns and establishing more flowing and healthy ways to move and express.  


Ways to create healthy fascia DAILY: 


1.  Drink lots and lots of water.  Hydration and healthy fascia are directly related.


2.  Move frequently in a whole body systemic way,  dancing is fantastic for this!  


3.  Shake and rumble the body to loosen tightly held fascia and circulate it. 


4.  Get body work regularly.  Try different methods like Trager Approach ( a wonderful Sarasota Fl practitioner is Dell Dellarmo , Rolfing, and Structural Integration.


5. Self massage, using a roller, or balls to deep tissue.  This is going into those bumps and lumps, leaning into the discomfort and breathing until you feel the release.