Spiral the hips embriologically and work WITH creation





Did you know the hips are designed to dance, to spiral, to flow?   Beyond walking, jogging, running, using a treadmill, stair stepper, or doing squats in the gym there is a huge range of movement that are available to us and many are spiral by design.  Your hip joints are ball shaped bones that sit at the end of a short neck at the top of your thigh bones and nestled inside in a capsule just waiting for you to offer it some natural 360 degree movement. And like all parts of our body, if you don't move it, it goes dormant.  To re-awaken the fullest function of this part of your body, you have to move in a way you HAVENT been.  A way that will "stir" up emotion, stories, and awaken underused muscles.  To really understand and appreciate this powerful part of the body, let's go back in time to the first dance movement we all did as cells. 

The fluid intelligence of you began as a spiraling dance inside your mothers womb. Your life began as a seed,  the miraculous moment that one sperm among many met and penetrated one egg in one moment of time.  The "zygote" as it's now called, sat dormant for a period of time in stillness, and in comparison to the other stages cell movement, this stillness is a unique stage of growth.  Inside of your zygote is all of your DNA, including the information of whether you were to be a boy or girl - and the consciousness of who you were to become. Also coded into the zygote was the awareness of how your cells would duplicate - in a SPIRALING motion to become 100 cells in 7 days and continue spiraling in growth until an embryo was formed.   Every organ, system, and structure is formed from the creative impulses, the awareness that guided you to spiral and create. And as a baby you played and explored from this awareness state and spiral action. Your cells continued to divide, your brain formed and you learned by watching, smelling, hearing, touching and receiving love. Your hips were naturally very open, pliable and began to form thru the developmental stages and exploration.   How you kicked, reached, rolled, pushed and pulled was all from an inner intelligence and coding that had a spiral of timing as well. 

Today, when our hips are tight, everything gets smaller.  Many movements done in most gym settings use the hips in a flat linear direction.  Tight hips effect the whole body, can bring chronic pain, difficulty getting up and down from chairs, diminish over all energy, effect sex/desire, and severely limit the creative ideas needed to function well through our lives. We can still get back on the floor NOW and our brains will let us explore those states of consciousness that offer so much including an opening for when we have difficulty sitting "still" and meditating......

So here's the key to entering into your spiral dance:

1.  Lying on your back.  Begin from stillnesss.  Start with just being there for awhile, breathing, noticing sensations, and turning off the mind.  Our minds and egos like to direct our movement, and this is the moment to notice the difference between awareness leading instead.  With your knees bent begin to open the thigh to the side ( in fitness it would be called an external rotation of the hip), however.....stop before you do it.

2.  Feel how it's movement spiral actually begins by drawing the hip joint inside the pelvis inorder to open on the outside.  This movement can happen without noticing it, ofcourse, yet the movement is then more external.  To open the hips you have to notice the internal.

3.  Allow the awareness to begin to guide you.  The fluid consciousness of your cells to take over and move from this state side to side, reaching, rolling, pushing pulling....trust this potent state to nurture the muscles and joint of the hips.  When you have done this 5-10 minutes stand up and notice what feels different, what changed?  Keep calling on this awareness that you've opened throughout your day as a field of intelligence you can begin to value and sustain.  




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