Crawling as the new meditation to open your hips and feel your primal source.

We learn so much from books, classes and schools – and yet there is a wealth of information available to us right here, in our bodies. For instance, lately I've been thinking about hip joints and thigh bones and questioning ways to feel "open" in the hips and yet strong and stable and how this all relates to growing in life.  Crawling is a movement you can do at home, without equipment, and works the mind and body at any age.  

As babies we naturally learn to crawl without needing instruction, utilizing the strongest, spring-like muscles on the front, back and sides of our pelvis to carry the heaviest load of our body and support our lower back. 

Beyond the benefits for the physical body, crawling is a repetitive meditation that stimulates both hemispheres of our brains. The action of crawling organizes neurons, and controls cognitive processes like comprehension, concentration and memory. It is the stage where we activate our determination of moving, acting on a decision of where to go and ultimately enhancing our hand and eye coordination.  

For many of us, the crawling stage might have been "hurried" through by well meaning parents pushing the us to walk and run or through just trying to keep up with our older siblings. The good news is our brains are continually learning, based on what we experience via our body.  Besides, crawling is excellent for connection and guiding for more expansive locomotor skills like walking, running, jumping, dancing, and playing. 

Crawling may be the "pot of gold" for not only functional healing movement, but also for unlocking more power in the body and mind. Mabel Elsworth Todd (1880 – 1956), author of The Thinking Mind, and the “Ideokinises” method, believed crawling as a healing therapy could be used as a way to open and balance the pelvis, as well as connect us with our innate and primal sense of power.  

Crawling may become the new trend in meditation practices and  possibly a key to unlocking a source of energy and direction that can have you leaping and jumping into your future. Here are some suggested ways to add crawling back into your life:  

Make crawling a meditation.   Clear and area that is carpeted or even your yoga mat.  Get present.  Focus on sensation. 

Relax as you move like a tiger.....Play with it, even growl, purr, undulate, shift weight, explore....and definately use your eyes and hands to see those things you'd like to leap and crawl towards. Activate primal, desire, passion, and play.  When you tire of doing this alone, seek out others - it can be FUN!  

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