The magic of SOUND and VIBRATIONS

Have you ever just sat down, and listened to the sounds happening around you? Our sense of listening (like sight, taste and smell) is a vital sense that we use in life and can be a portal into meditation, relaxation, more pleasure and MAGIC.  

Most people think of sound as limited to what the ears hear but it's so much more.   Sound is a vibration that the cells of the body pick up on even before our ears and brain can register and label what a sound is.  This vibration is subtle and often is overlooked.  Vibrations are also measured in "oscillations" or patterns and that is how we detect it in our body as sounds that "feel good" and we enjoy or sounds that are grating to us and "feel bad".  For instance the sound of music we enjoy versus the sound of a dentists drill or fingernails on a chalkboard.  Our preference for sound is equal to our experience with different vibrations. If we are used to listening to one genre of music, it's our way of connection to one vibration grouping that makes us feel good.  Feeling good is important, but for MORE PLEASURE, give your body more diversity in the sounds you take in.  Just like eating many different kinds of foods is good for your body, experiencing many different types of musical vibrations can open the body to new movement, new creativity, and ultimately to healthy tissue in the body and greater adaptablity to our surroundings. 

Our sense of hearing helps us to orient in space, to know if we are in danger, and to connect us with our environment and with each other.   Sounds are happening around us and inside of us all of the time and often we don't "hear" them until they are pretty obvious.  The sound of the breath, the sound of moving the body, the sound of an air conditioner, a faucet running, an animal or the sound of anothers voice.  When we listen to someone we care about talking, there is so much more than the word choices used to hear.  We can listen to the pauses, or lack them, the tone and pitch of voice tell us about the emotions behind the words.  We can also decifer the speed of what's said as well as the "feel" of the vibrations of what the person is pulsing as they speak.   Sound and hearing helps us to understand the nuances and give us information to respond to our environment with greater attention to detail.  The gift of the practice of listening to music for the detail is just this.....being able to hear more nuances all around us.  

Just like your thumbprint is one of a kind, so is your voice.  It is said that the day you were born the sound you made (crying or other) is a one of a kind sound that vibrates purely as the uniqueness of your spirit in flesh.  The volume, the pitch, the tone all created vibrations that was the first and most authentic sound of YOU.  As we go thru life and hear ourselves speak it's thru listening to the sound of our resonant voices that we can connect more deeply within.  Sound, or "pressure waves", are generated by vibrating structures in the "voice box" called vocal cords.  Similar to a musical instrument, how we move the air thru the vocal cords create vibrations we use to communicate.   If we are not breathing deeply, have dense "blocks" in areas of our body or tension, our sound is not as resonant or pure.  One way to feel more connected to the self is to play with making all kinds of sounds and listen.  Play with vowels ( ah, eeh, ihhh, ohh, uuu)and animals sounds.  Let the volume of your voice go up and down, the tone ( like tuning a guitar...) and the pitch (high or low) of your voice are also tools to connect.  Play with discordant sounds, emotional sounds and resonant sounds.   Learn to love your voice in all it's expressions and "turn on" this powerful vibration you have to create in the world. 

Tapping into the power of SOUND is magic.  Think of a magician to who creates a "trick" in front of your eyes.....where something ( like a rabbit out of the hat) appears from no-where.  Sound is like this.  If we practice noticing sounds, feeling subtitles and the sensation of vibrations,  we can discover the magic of something that isn't visible with the eye but surely is there and can be measured.  A wonderful game is to sit and "listen, feel, sense".  Be like an animal and notice without labeling what you hear or feel.  Notice when one sound leaves and another sound comes in.  Can you feel the sensations of the sounds in your body?    Learning to dance the many vibrations around us as well as shift the vibrations within us is what we call in Kai "LIfe as a Dance" ....It's an ongoing art and offers lots of wonderful gifts. 

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