The Seduction of a Lie and the Power of the Truth

I've been experimenting with truth lately, just playing with it, noticing how it feels, the different layers and what is the truth anyway??? Isn't it a personal perception and unique to each individual? There are some truths that only WE know inside, based on our unique experiences.  For instance your experience of a fitness class is your experience, it's your truth, not everyone elses'.  There are other truths that we are told that are opinions and we may agree with but haven't experienced.  An example may be the truth/lie that girls like "pink" and boys like "blue".   Both of these examples could be viewed from lots of different ways. How do we know if we have reached a "truth"?  Truth feels GOOD, there is a pleasure and power (especially in the stomach area and neck/throat) felt throughout the body, the feet feel grounded, and the breath is natural.  Lies feel "wishy washy", "tension", "slippery", "cloudy"...Sometimes lies feel very "external and affirming" and a numbness or disconnect from the body.  .....Our bodies do subtle things that are apparent to the eye when we lie, and can be detected on a lie detector machine....things like twitching, pulse increase, shifting eyes, sweating.  A lie is a stress producing act from the body.  

  For simplicity I narrowed it down to the truth I have within that I tell myself  and the truths ( or lies - even little white ones) I tell others.  It feels like a really important thing to attune with as my children grow up and experiment also with this.  For instant my son will often say "yes" when I ask him if he has brushed his teeth....and then look at me with a questioning look to see if I can tell if he's telling the truth or a "fib".  I tell him there is a radar mothers have that always know the truth from their kids, and this seems to make him laugh and want to test it some more! I also ask him to feel more into his body and notice how it feels when there is a lie and how it feels when it's the truth and he's proud. On the outside, what does it hurt if he feels he "gets away" with something , that can be a really fun feeling....being "sneaky" is part of childhood and experimenting , right? On the other side of the coin, for every small lie there is a sensation and vibration in the body that manifests itself. This way of being becomes "familiar" and we seek out others to affirm that it's okay to "be " this way, others who back up the lies and affirm our worth....and thus begins the search for finding our personal worth in someone elses' ideals/or eyes.  

Telling the truth between two people requires a deeper way to communicate.  It means that you care enough about what is between you and the other and that you are willing to take more time.  Time to choose your words, time to listen and that the relationship that you desire is one that aligns with your own sense of value/beliefs as well as loving the other for theirs.  It takes courage, and means you have to show up fully to what is present.   It's unconditional love that holds both people to owning and living their truth.  In the body it's felt as being "vertical" with another.  There is more cooperation and co-creation and less dependency on the other for finding "oneself".  

Step one to getting "vertical" within is noticing inner dialogue. A self love practice can be getting really clear on the excuses, white lies, exaggerations, and ways that we manipulate others ( and self) thru not stating our truth.  Building a healthy, loving , supportive conversation inside about our bodies is a great place to start with truth telling.  I have to KNOW WHEN I AM COMING FROM FEAR and recognize that this is not the truth of what's happening around me....this may be the residual of believing others stories, or just not digging deeper into the truth of my being.  When I touch that part of me, the truth of who I am,  I realize the true potential that is there.  Fear shouldn't and can't be avoided, but it can and needs to be "tamed".  There are times fear keeps us safe and that is the truth, however often it's constant firing is a lie we are telling ourselves inside and not even aware of it.   Our nervous system responds and the stress response in the body becomes the number one reason for instigating dis-ease.  We can re-condition ourselves to feel it and bring "truth"  to keep moving forward in a more "vertical" way within.  

 Having a clear mind, lots of energy, vibrance, vitality, and enthusiasm depend on integrity in the body, the mind and the emotions and that is dependent on truth telling.  Noticing the sensations of both a lie and the truth takes bravery to speak up, to know what you know, and to recognize the seduction of a lie and know the power of the truth.   What starts as a little "white lie" can snow ball into many "little white lies" and these little gremlins eat away at integrity......and in the end, integrity is our magnet for building the life we desire instead of the one that falls into our laps.  


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