How the elements can help you shift behavior.

Elements and Change

Going into our second week of January and for most of us, we are feeling pretty excited and positive about the feeling of being able to reach new goals along with everyone around us.  This "new" sensation is one of hopeful anticipation of directing our energy with clarity and precision.  LIke an archer pulls back his bow and aims the arrow at the bullseye, we have laid out the dream, the steps, the goals.   We have set our aim, pulled back the bow, and are ready to release towards our target.  If it were only this easy to hit that bullseye!   The fact is , if it was this easy the tension of the challenge would not be there and boredom or disinterest sets in.  If it was this easy there would not be a need for coaches, trainers, books or therapists to help us stay on task, be held accountable, and to remind us that we can do it when the going gets tough.   Here are 5 ideas that come from the elements found in nature and in our body that may help you navigate some of the highs and lows in your journey.

First off, remember that change is our natural way.  It's evident in the cycles of seasons, life and death, and in our daily rhythms.  Change is more natural to the body than "staying the same" which often is the beginning of dis-ease. When we go with our natural bodies desires,  rhythms and flows there is a harmonious constant taking in and letting go.  The mind may want to structure and organize the "steps" however it's the natural body that will predict how well we sustain and flow through the highs and lows that are natural.  Just this shift in awareness can make a world of difference in framing how you're handling desired change.    The key is to not flippantly say "natural time" and not DO anything.  Change is uncomfortable and takes saying 'yes' and DOING things that you may not want to do.

With the understanding of natural time, you can now dig even deeper into the elements and lean on them for allies when the going gets tough.  

1. Earth:   Earth element is nurturing, life giving,  supportive.  Soil that is rich for you to plant seeds and feel the support that you already have in place.  For your goals, when the going gets tough, who can you call?? It's a proven fact that if we have a partner/coach/friend/ or some way of being held accountable we are more apt to stay on plan.  Who in your life can be this for you this year?  Tell them your goals, ask them to listen and you can do the same for them.  Look for people who feel supportive to you in your body - that you trust will give you honest feedback and that will stay positive behind the scenes even on days you don't feel so positive.  Someone who believes in you beyond your doubt.  

2.  Water:  Water is clarifying, flowing, creative.  Water is the element that will have you flowing with new ways to approach old problems.  When you desire change, that means you will come up against your old ways again and again until the new pattern is set.  Call on water element to help you find limitless ideas of ways you can approach those sticky places.  Brainstorming can be a fun way to find new solutions.  It can be alone or even better with a friend.  On a piece of paper draw a bubble and go back and forth writing in the zaniest ideas of how you might be able to approach those obstacles you foresee that can throw  you off your game.  Pick the ideas that resonate in your body as fun new strategies to help you over come.......this is a process you may need to come back to on a regular is the key to fresh new flow.  

3.  Fire:  Fire is transformative, passion, assertiveness.  This one element is a huge power in blasting through the walls that confine you.  Cultivating passion and heat by remembering what is it about your dream that turns you on?? What is it that drives you??? What is it about that "end product" that creates a passion that is fuel you can use to craft your way into the new you?  Fire likes movement and release, it consumes.....You may find that the "fire in your belly" starts to go out once you see the work that needs to be done for change, or self doubt sets in......take it in little pieces.  Studies prove that people that break goals down to their tiniest components and stay on path focused are the ones that often reach their destination.  Re-establish your passion and have a plan when you feel your flames diminishing.  Cardiovascular workouts are wonderful for putting the fire back in the belly.  

4.  Air:   Air is spirit, breath, consciousness.  Manifestation of movement and freshness, communication and intelligence.  Talk about  your dreams!  Sense that all the opportunities that are coming your way are guided just for your learning and growth, to help you align vibrationally with your dreams.  This is also the power of imagination!  Spend some time imagining yourself completing your goals, your dreams, and living the life that you desire.   See it, feel it, imagine it....even smell it! If doubt creeps in , and most likely it will if you've picked some goals that have a good amount of tension, use air and breath consciousness to meditate past negative thoughts and return you to the vision of you soaring forward with the wind at your back.  

5.  Wood:  The element attributes to strength and flexibility and measurement.  Keep track of your progress and also your ripples.  Stay awake in your journey of change!  As you monitor your progress and stay on course your confidence in your ability to move through any changes, and towards your desires will increase and this confidence is the element of wood.  Where in your life have you moved through similar challenges and what are your strengths you can call on to bring forward NOW to help you?  



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