Newest entry from David : Alleviate or Exacerbate

alleviate or exacerbate

i spent last week at a tire dealer’s shop.  i had accumulated too many miles on my car (traveling to and from kai)  and i thought it may have impacted the condition of my ride.  surprisingly and prophylactically i was right, which is an infrequent occurrence.  the workmen checked the treads and all four needed replacement.  there is a line on a tire that is visible marker, and if you look carefully, and the grips are worn to the same depth as the indicator, it is time to trade out.  i share this secret with kai people only.  i call this essay lovingly ‘the avoidance potential to swerve out of control on the skyway bridge incident.’  this chapter can be found in an upcoming book called, “kai, yai, yai or why one should watch their step.’

as my car is hoisted ten feet up on a shiny silver pole, i am wondering if he realizes he could turn his shop into a pole dancing fitness center after hours.  i became taciturn after he, in offer, foistered a seat and a bagel to me in the lobby while i wait.  he has no idea that i regularly visit the temple of kai and i consider myself fit and am approaching carbo-lessness.  instead,  walking the block, i am bending my body low and reaching high and swirling a little, inviting a tree pose here and there, moving my fingers and my hips and my ankles.  might as well keep those joints lubricated rather than watch the news.

the insight comes into my head, as it should, that diana ross is playing in town tonight?  really?   i hear a symphony.  and Loretta lynn tomorrow?  next week, i understand, that ella is coming to the van wee zel.  either i am no longer of this earth or they are practicing kai students.

  me thinks, why not just continue jogging everyday?  because it is boring and i rather employ all my musculature with my friends on fruitville.  i want to be active but i do not want it to be jarring, pounding, monotonous.   kai, on the other hand (or foot) seems conducive to my physical well being.  and many have told stories of how it has alleviated problems just through the practice of it.  it can stabilize all chakras that we have previously not honored.  a famous english chap and antique collector from lower slaughter recently wrote in the daily rag that he has amassed over one thousand chakras and was defiant when a reader from goa challenged him.  the argument was settled finally when he was advised by his adult granddaughter, maude, that his hobby involved chotchkas and not chakras.

these movements, done regularly, i am convinced, can diminish our aches and pains, both spiritual and physical.  if we attend to what is happening within, and this alone is difficult, we can ameliorate many problems.  i think this is the magic of kai, constant introspection and athletic dancing.  it sounds too easy and it does not reek of any doctor’s advice.  however, it works organically as long as one sticks with it.  

your eyes are bright and there is a smile on your lovely face and your stature is good.  you did not just have a great meal or an intense conversation.  i think you just finished class.  

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