A note from a Middle Age male lover of Kai

 men outside the class often ask if kai is available to them also. of course.  Kai is for everyone.  Below enjoy a short passage written for me recently by a male Kai Student. 


"Kai is our last vestige of laissez-faire fitness.  yet the newest introduction in the kinetic world of self-betterment.  It is seminal and cutting edge. intricate and simple.  delicate and powerful.  balanced.

 I am no longer a child and I do not subscribe to these so-called uber expensive boot camps where i come and go as a 'private citizen' answering to employed sergeants and generals trained in jack la lane and jane fonda exercises of yesteryear(now where did i put that video?  oh, it is by the vcr.)

Nope.  I am old enough to know how far and fast I want to go.  But I am not well versed in the best ways to treat this ever changing body recently endorsed by AARP.  i have delegated this pursuit to Kai. kelly, the instructress, is a constant and au fait alchemist of exercise into its’ most enjoyable and useful form for any body type or age.  I no longer go to McDonalds for a big mac.  I eat a salad.  Equally,  i do not  engage in pick-up basketball games, i am now the guy i used to laugh at, taking a lay up,  when i was twenty.    I go to kai now.  the time train moves on and i choose to be fit.  i am seated in a different compartment.

I believe that I should exercise at a reasonable pace and at least five days a week.  So rather than running a ten minute mile for thirty-minutes on the hard concrete sidewalks,  I have switched to the forgiving wood floors of the kai studio.  Others dribble into the class and many of them i know.  i then sit myself, barefooted and in loose clothing, on the floor.  my dress is coordinated.  it need not be except for metro-sexuals like myself.  music gently streams in (coldplay, donovan?) while i scan my body for minor annoyances and my mind for nagging chatter that i choose to ignore now.  i survey the room and others are similarly engaged in settling in while enjoying the sounds of the songs and the quite dialogue of friendship.

We then hear and see kelly who guides, not enforces us, gently at first, on a journey through our body by movement.  The atmosphere cranks up and i am sweating and smiling.  suddenly I am Michael jackson or uUsher orFred Astaire, definitely delusional, dancing, moving and bending and feeling great.  I look at the others and they too are in a place, a good place.  The practice incorporates other somatic challenges that make it quite interesting.  A melange of techniques from different fields of fitness, dance, meditation, cardio, and so on.  a lovely amalgamation for our enjoyment of movement, music, and community.

From a child who listened to Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead when THEY were young, damn it, i feel high, without the cannabis.  and i have had a workout and feel energized.  there are classes every day.  every day!   ya know, i’m leaving work early tomorrow and coming back to kai again, and again.  why not?". 

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