Who's driving the ship???

At my  best, I am  highly energized, feeling vital, focused, calm, expressive, and ready to take on new challenges from a place of Joy.  The truth is , it's not natural for me to stay in this state all the time.  LIke in nature, the weather sometimes storms, there is flooding, lightening and thunder and other times rainbows.  It is natural to have a shifting of states, however, it's also common to slip into some of these states and become at the "mercy" of the weather....with no -one in charge.  This can lead into many "fateful" paths, and often times into patterns that limit and keep repeating themselves. Eventually the repetition on behavior leads to a breakdown of some sort, either physical or mental and less of that optimal  functioning in life. 

Tip one:  Be prepared!  Know a handful of tricks you can apply on the days when you don't feel as alive.  Is it lighting a candle, connecting to your breath, or taking some extra time to count your blessings?  Have some ideas of things that you know can lift your spirits in the times you feel challenged.  Be creative and ready to create tools for each experience as sometimes the "old" ones won't work ....be open to asking for help, and waiting!   Some that worked for me include movement ( Kai!!!) , meditation, green drinks, journalling, being in nature, playing and doing things out of the ordinary....

Tip two:  Have a circle of friends that are positive, supportive, know how to communicate......and that are willing to listen and respond truthfully.. Often times its through conversation that patterns of behavior come to the surface.  

Tip three: Take a "re-frame" of the day and find something that you can appreciate.  Gratitude is a huge energizer.  

Tip four:  LAUGH! Even faking it causes changes in the chemistry that can shift inner states of "stuckness" 

Tip five:  Some kind of cardio!  Burn off the emotions.....a good sweat is super cleansing for more than the just the body.  Let the fire in your belly have movement.   

Tip six:  Make a list of "desires"  or "self care" list and make sure to do at least one a day.  Writing it into your calendar, telling others about it are ways to make sure you follow thru.  Here are some ideas:  being in the sun for 10 min while taking deep breaths, reading fiction or listening to music, scheduling in time to "do nothing" or better yet to "wander aimlessly" and let your spirit guide you, take yourself out for a meal .   

By choosing a pro-active way of feeling "better" you'll not only increase your focus, energy, and passion for anything you do you'll also feel less dependent on other people or things to "bring you up".   


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