Time as a mirror and portal .......

Time is a way to measure many things.  In a traditional sense it's an agreement we all make that there are 60 seconds to a minute, and 60 minutes in one hour, 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week.  This is all what we learn very young and as we go through the schooling process we become adapted too.  Mondays very often carry with it the weight of the "beginning of the week" , roughest day.....in fact more people have heart attacks on Mondays than any other day! Business is heavily invested in this way of tracking time.  Time can become a very big stressor that creates tension, and illness.  It's not uncommon to hear "I don't have enough time" as much as "I don't have enough money", these often go hand in hand.  It's a measurement against a fabricated system that isn't connected to the body in any way.   We also learn  to use the Gregorian  calendar to track the days as we age, and as a mirror for accomplishment/success .  This calendar might be considered the calendar of the "mind" as there isn't much natural about it. 

There are other calendars for instance the Jewish calendar follows the cycles of the moon and sun, Native Americans calendars are inspired by the seasons/animals/nature, and the Mayans were known for their intricate way of using the stars/moon and math to establish a way of tracking time non-linearly.  In dance, time can be tracked through the body sensations of 13 major joints and through the digits, measuring space and sensation. This may be more of a timing that babies/children subscribe to naturally.     

 I hear many people complaining about the daylight savings  when we have to adjust the clocks, and how it effects them.  I've also noticed many people mentioning this as they shift into being "on time" for class or other things.  I get it.  There is a strange adjustment that has to happen as the evenings get darker "earlier" and the mornings lighter.    Most of the time when my "normal" routines are shifted I get aggravated and it takes awhile to find my inner time clock.  This year feels different to me.  This year I "get" that when  normal routine is shifted, there is an opening to create something new!  Sometimes those shifts in time come from life experiences that take us for a dramatic ride like births, deaths, big changes.......this year I found I can experience it in the much more subtle shifts, like through noticing how the light and "feel" of the day is different than the clock time on the wall.  ( by the way, I have been following a Mayan 13 moon calendar for 13 years and have an aversion to "real" time.  I have only one clock on my stove, and in my car both of which I haven't changed yet to the new time change.    I also have a new found respect and passion for being in real time and yet fully in my body/spirit.  I look at time as a way for me to establish deep inner/outer balance and a measurement of mastery)  I welcome the "upset" and hope it stays .......it's keeping me "on edge" in a good way without striving to feel the "routine" settling in. 

 I love that I can use time to recollect and compare other years experiences with.  It's a beautiful mirror that reflects back what has changed and what hasn't?  I hear many people talk about age like it's a death sentence when you turn a certain age!   DONT BELIEVE IT! Let your process of change be something unique to you and practice being "embodied" instead of "in your head" about aging.   This year, as I notice the light looking different as it comes through the trees outside my living room windows, I feel more wonder.  This subtle shift plays on me as I feel like I have "more time" than I thought.  I welcome this twist to remind me to be present, grateful, creative.  I am reminded that time has other dimensions, other ways to perceive it and work within the parameters that most of the world dictates.  There is a way to arrive "on time" , and yet to also allow for a relaxed body, open mind, and readiness to play in the space as if it's art.   It's a perspective shift that opens to opportunity, abundance, health.   



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