Tips to stay calm, present, and On Time using Kai

We are half way into November and entering holidays and the return of many "snow-birds".  With this there is a shift in traffic and in our own "inner busi-ness".  I'd like to offer some ways that you can navigate through  the traffic both inside and out with more ease. Here are some ideas and one challenge all offered thru the 5 Archetypes used in Kai. 

1.  Managing time truly is the job of the "warrior" ( not the Worrier).  Start by noticing your own relationship and inner dialogue about "time".  It's a meeting of your energy+desires + intentions= impeccibility.  When done precisely, it feels great.  Seamlessness is bliss. There doesn't have to be stress when the challenge and tension increase.  Stress is an inside drama.  Stop the inner dialogue, breathe, relax your body and enter into natural time within precise use of "real time". This isn't a perfect equation that means you'll never be late again.  It does however have an inherent power when practiced.
2.  Natural time is a function of the body.  Our bodies heal in natural time, sometimes an injury or cold goes away "magically" over night, sometimes it lingers.  It's a combination of many things, however it's not something that can follow an exact schedule each time.  Activate your "healer" and practice turning on the joints and digits and feeling sensation activation.  This is the place to go to "s-t-r-e-t-c-h" time.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes time can feel like it whizzes by and other times it's slow motion?  This is all through perception versus looking at the clock and feeling the common anxiety of "how much do i have". 

3.  Clocks are a barameter that you need, however spend equal time BEING time.  Practicing it right to the second......this is like the warrior pulling back the bow and finding the just right amount of tension in setting aim, using eyes for finding the exact target, and knowing when to release the arrow.  If there is anxiety, nervous energy, tight body, short breath, the chances of being on target are much less. 

4. Make it a game!  Maybe the seriousness of the warrior is too much, in that case, make it a game.  The child or athlete may like this idea.   How many times can you set up a scheduled time to be somewhere, or do something and meet your target ?  I like to say to myself before going to bed " I will wake up at 7:04" and then go to sleep.......with no alarm, again and again, something inside wakes me up at almost the exact moment, and hardly ever later than my intended time.  Know when your working in Natural time within the constraints of "real time".....relish in your "wins". 
tended time.  Know when your working in Natural time within the constraints of "real time".....relish in your "wins". 

 5. Just do your best.  It's not about perfection. It is however about asking yourself is that your best?  Be impeccible.  Don't create an inner drama if/when you are late.  However take note, get calm inside, and strive for closer bulls eye next time.  What stories come up each time around time?  I find I have a habit of waiting till the last minute to take care of myself and then can at times go right into victim mode "of all i have to do - 2 kids , single mom, house, business, etc."  I stalk it now.  As soon as this story goes into my head, and my body tightens...its a clue i need to re-set.  When this comes forth, I know its one story I tell myself that I've created to sabbotage precision, pleasure, relaxation, my time, etc.  I replace it with a new story.  The Hero's story .  "I am blessed, setting my plan of time/energy- and meeting it- is an act of self love".   It feels really good when I change it up.   .  Welcome a new relationship to time than you have ever experienced this season and watch a new dance unfold for you. 

CHALLENGE FOR THE DANCER:  I am asking everyone to set a personal intent to arrive EARLY to your classes, say 10 minutes or so.  The teachers arrive 30 minutes ahead of each class to clear the floor, set up music and have everything ready for you.  Arriving early allows you to do those things you need to do to feel ready.  They may be getting water, signing in, using bathroom, changing clothes.  Some people like to use this time for quiet, meditation, stretch, walk.  Have a moment to shift from wherever you are coming from ( this is my style for sure) Others like to connect and talk with friends.  Get your business done first and have it cleared.  All of this is great, getting it out of the way so that when class begins and ends on time you are present, ready, and focused.  Please do this FOR YOU first.  The one hour we are together is a practice for you to get your workout, go to the zone, be present........don't cheat yourself out of the first half of the class because you were running late, racing trafffic, and razzled......set it up that your class begins on your way TO class.  If we all set this intent to be more mindful and skilled with timing, and doing it in a way that is relaxed yet invoking a little change, our space we dance in together will feel even more special and  amazing.    I am confident that this exercise itself will have a ripple effect out into other areas of your life as well. 

*******foot note: I will be locking the front doors at start time. Everyone has unforeseen things happen and using all the tips above are great to still use in those circumstances.  If you arrive late feel welcome to use the main dance room door and walk thru the bathroom hallway door to come in the studio. Its less of a disturbance.  This is also the way to leave if you must leave early.  I appreciate- as your teacher- if you tell me ahead when you have to leave early.  ********Much gratitude! Kelly

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