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Join us in classes in Sarasota Florida, or come on down for a training! Sarasota is beautiful with lots of arts, world class beaches , and great restaurants. Onsite trainings are held one time a year, workshops periodically and classes 5 days a week.

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Kelly Atkins is the founder of Kai Integrated Fitness since 2013. Kai is a Movement practice built on 7 core concepts designed to bring holistic health, body love, and traditional benefits like cardio, strength, flexibility and functional movement to the body. It’s a barefoot dance that connects the mind and body with joy.

Kelly has a bachelors degree in Health and Wellness from Empire State University and Certified by The American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer since 1992. She currently is an approved continuing education provider thru her teacher trainings and offers restorative retreats, classes, and online trainings. She also has been teaching yoga since 2003 after completing a 200 hour certificate with Tri Yoga. Other certificates include black belt trainer certificate and 13 yrs experience teaching classes and producing trainings through Nia Technique, Certified Wellness Coach thru Wellcoaches International, Certified PhysicalMind Institute Pilates, Pain Free Movement specialist and Intensity Barre Method Certified.

She is grateful and inspired by teachers/dancer Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gabrielle Roth, Debbie and Carlos Rosas, Isadora Duncan, Thomas Meyers and spiritual teacher Neem Karoli Baba. When she’s not teaching Kai she loves to be raising her two boys in Sarasota Florida, spending time in nature, and painting or chanting.