21 Moves - building a movement practice Online-Coaching


21 Moves - building a movement practice Online-Coaching


1 hour online coaching offered by Sajan and pdf outline for the 21 moves.

Building a movement practice. The goal here is simplicity in one's practice. To have essential moves to build from and to lay a solid foundation. A practice in sanskrit is called Sadhana, a turning inward for a practice. Rather than trying to gain a result such as more muscles, more flexibility, or more motor control in a Sadhana/Practice this results come on their own from immersing into the process. Digging deep into the practice of the 21 moves will lay a solid foundation that you can take with you and build from into your own unique individualized practice. Results come from a reptition of the practice so diving deep into the essence of each movement will open up new doors. Doors of communication between your mind and body as you discover that a movement practice doesn't have to be complicated nor complex. But simplicity is of value here as we focus not on gaining a movement but relinquishing and letting go of the barriers that prevent us from executing these movements seamlessly. Through practice we create a neural map, neuroplasticity occurs, and new doors of potentiality open up that can be translated into your own unique discipline. 

~ Kai's 21 Moves
7 moves of Grounding Power
7 moves of Passionate Power
7 moves of Expressive Power

~ Authentic Movement
Free-form movements that allow the individual to combine the movements they've learned into a seamless flow. A transition to allowing the movements to arise on their own .

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