Ganesh and Bubbles




This Bow was inspired by Bollywood music/movements and also by elephants. Initially the focus was on the two hemispheres of the brain and developing the ability to access both sides rapidly ( agility). The right hemisphere is responsible for sensing body size, emotions, recognizing faces, metaphors, spacial awareness while the left hemisphere is greatly responsible for organizing , counting, reasoning, analyzing , and language and math. The actual routine evolved into more of balance over all as a focus though it could be offered with the above ....or optional possible focis’ include hand coordination/integration ( there are lots of possible hand madras you can use and add), integration of extremities with core, Joy, Intensity levels, Playfulness, Life as a Dance ( perception of the body and life as art), and fingers ( thumb/nurturing, index finger/desire, middle finger/balance, Ring finger /commitment). The element of Fire and Earth are strongly utilized , the focus’s that blend with this include solar plexus, personal power, inner athlete/warrior, connecting to your witness......Please have fun and change how you offer this work. Some suggestions include playing with offering first song standing, and or playing with different movements on the floor. Also consider ways you can offering the other movements NOT facing the mirror and moving around the room ( ie. From a circle, facing different directions, returning to a “row” and moving opposite, etc.)

The second and third songs speak of the Hindu Symbol of Ganeesh that is very popular in India. Below is some information about Ganeesh to further energize your dance: 

One of the most popular icons in India is Ganesh, or Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles. Ganesh has the body of a man, and the head of an elephant. It is traditional to honor Ganesh at the beginning of every undertaking and every journey, to make sure that Ganesh is there to remove any obstacles that come up along the way. Ganesh's big ears symbolize that he is a good listener, and his big belly indicates that he can digest our troubles. Ganesh is known to be very wise, and the elephant is a symbol of the human potential for enlightenment. He is depicted with one foot on the ground, and the other lifted, indicating that the wise person is connected to this earth, yet not entirely of the earth. Here are some other meanings of the symbolism behind this special icon:

- Large ears remind us to listen more.
- Small mouth reminds us to talk less.
- Big head reminds us to think big.
- Small eyes remind us to concentrate.
- Trunk reminds us that we have the strength to pick up a tree.
- Finger like dexterity in trunk reminds us we are discerning enough to lift a peanut.

- The mouse reminds us to keep desire under control.
- The axe reminds us to cut off all bonds of attachment.
- The "prasada" or offerings at Ganesh's feet remind us that the world is ours for the asking. 

10 steps practical steps for building your business

Practical business steps:

  1. Start keeping track of every receipt, every check, counting money, and keeping a "paper trail" of where your money goes. This is AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY, and CONSCIOUSNESS. It is life transforming.

  2. Ask and get information on accounting, business licenses etc. You can find a lot online. Open a business checking account. Look around for insurance.

  3. Look around for the venue you want to teach in. Possible ideas include:

dance studios, yoga studios, martial art dojos, fitness centers, corporations, schools , rec centers, parks/beaches, universities, pilates studios, libraries, theaters, in homes, gymnasiums, art centers. Remember to align with your purpose/desire and seek additional learning all the time.

  1. Negotiate prices /rates/and pay. Nothing is written in stone...look for places you FEEL supported and be willing to change.

  2. Seek out sources to keep you inspired!!! Books, courses, communicate with other teachers, explore being the student yourself to expand what you can bring into your classes.

  3. Get clear on whether you want to teach part-time or full time and do the math...(what you'll get paid from a realistic approach)

  4. Value the work and Value yourself as you set your prices...there are times you may offer the work for free...but make sure you feel it's a value and balanced exchange energetically.

  5. Seek out people who can help you with a marketing plan. Marketing is a lot about AUTHENTICITY, and GETTING OUT THERE...Social media has changed the marketing world in a huge way. Look for online videos and books and spend time learning new tools.

  6. Keep track of all your ways you are rewarded for your work. Sacred work /sacred business has a different kind of exchange...keep track of all the lovely gifts given, time "off", time with friends, the compliments, the feeling you get after a great class...all of that is important to energize so the whole focus is not JUST money...that can block flow of authenticity and vibe of Love that attracts what you want.

10.Keep stretching your wings...step out bigger with love. Follow love. Don't avoid fear...step THRU it with love at your back. 

Kai SEEDS - Self coaching with Nature

Kai Sacred Business Section:

Sacred means "devoted to a single purpose". This section can be used for both personal reasons as how do you devote your energy during the day and what is the dream you are creating? How do you align with this dream? It is also a section for Kai facilitators to explore when they are looking into how to set up a business for themselves that aligns them with their spirit, creativity, heart and purpose. The world of commerce is shifting just like everything else and there is a new way to approach business. This portion of the manual is exploring these changes and how to apply some unique ways to align, grow and flourish.

Sowing, Germination, Sprouting, Proliferation, Budding, Blossoming, and Fruition

The seed: Everything begins in nature from a seed. Find your deepest inner truths and align them into a direction you wish to follow. This is like finding your "north star", your purpose and yet it's more open to possibilities and nurtures thru cycles. Finding your SEED and tending the soil is a process clarifying, intention setting, and or dreaming. Knowing what you want to manifest can be done with both sides of the brain ( a left sided approach would look more like a traditional business plan, and a right sided approach more like a collage or the like). Get it down on paper...somehow. This part can always be tweaked and will need that constant pruning as you go along.

Sowing the seeds: Sowing is the process of tending the earth that you are planning to put seeds into. For our purpose of sacred business, it's the inner reflections on what you truly want and how much energy/time/dedication you want to spend taking care of those seeds. This is the important task of asking within some deep questions. "Do I feel passionate and deeply drawn to these desires?" "Will this passion and drive be rich enough soil to feed my seeds when there is a drought, or problems come in?" Creating is a natural desire and healthy side effect of being in balance and harmonious with

ourselves and world around us. Creating and making a living at it is a relatively new concept as the "old" statement of "starving artist" is still in the mind constructs of our society. We need to tend all these places so our seeds have rich soil. Noticing and releasing thought patterns that take away nurturance in the soil we are planting.

Germination: Wikipedia states: Germination is the process by which a plant grows from a seed. The most common example of germination is the sprouting of a seedling from a seed of an angiosperm or gymnosperm. However the growth of a sporeling from a spore, for example the growth of hyphae from fungal spores, is also germination. In a more general sense, germination can imply anything expanding into greater being from a small existence or germ, a method that is commonly used by many seed germination projects.

This is the stage where you have stated your business plan, got it on paper, got clear. Now you are taking steps, and seeing things happen. What do you do with the outcome? You may be faced with all kinds of challenges as you surely will if you are re- directing your energy away from a previous direction and re-aligning to something quite new...the universe works this way. The moment you say you want something, there is bound to be some conflict resolution and refining that you'll have to do to stay on course. From a coaching perspective this is where you refine your notice all of it, the good , the bad , and the direction you want to go and you stay flexible to finding creative solutions. Tending to a sacred business means there is no separation between you self and your business- it's all connected. You expanding and sprouting is a process of personal growth...Energize the positive evidence of growth, ALOT....and also stay grounded in the truth and always looking for ways to keep the momentum moving forward.

Sprouting: Sprouting is when your sacred business/goals have gotten moving; you have reached or feel the direction that your business is flowing, you've overcome many obstacles and yet still are watching closely and navigating with deep attention to detail. You are past some of the "start up" investments, and yet still learning and watching. This is in the range of 3 months to 3 years. In a baby it's the phase where the baby can sit up, creep and crawl and you still have to really watch and make sure baby is safe and it's needs are cared for....yet there is a deeper relaxation as a parent that the child has overcome some of it's more vulnerable years.

Proliferation: This is a state of intense growth. New cells form systems and new parts are created. This is a stage that truly encompasses finding others: finding people to collaborate with, finding "networking allies" (people in a similar field that you can work with to make business expand for all). Sustainability in nature is dependent on everything around it, the whole...this is a new sense of responsibility we can take in growing out of the old competition model and into a collective webbing of support to lift each other up and co-create.

Budding and Blossoming: This is when you start to see rewards; the visual evidence of your creation taking shape. You can sit back and really see all the beauty of your hard word. It's a beginning of another kind as it's still a baby...but it's HERE. Feel the strength in the vulnerable...stay real. Keep finding those "pushes" to bring your creation forward in a bigger way. How big do you want your bloom? This is a great time to reaccess and go back to the strategies as it's a time to plan- not to back off too much. Re do your business goals, define a new marketing strategy, look for new ways you can make things grow further. You are not out of the woods. A great tip is to find a mentor, coach or friend to help you stay energized! This is often a time people get tired, feel they've reached their limit or get bored...Allow the beauty of your creation to inspire you to take it to the next level.

Fruition: Websters says: completion: a state or point in which something has come to maturity or had a desired outcome. This is where your goals have been reached, you have created something you can be proud of and let it go...enjoying the intended outcome and letting it go...for a fruit tree this is when a tree makes the fruit that has the seeds for other trees to be planted. You might think of this stage as the stage of having a dream that reaches beyond your small dream...that you can then see will continue on in some way with all the lives you've touched, all the people you've inspired who have witnessed you, and the gifts you have brought to your community. It is truly a blessing to keep creating...and offering your beauty to the world.

Business can be beautiful, inspiring, life giving, enriching to a community and supportive of art while also making GREEN ENERGY—or money. There are lots of resources to explore your personal beliefs and create new ones you'd like to hold regarding making money. This is important work to do not just for yourself but for a changing shifting world. Here are a list of recommended reading regarding sacred business and money:

  • Love is the New Currency by Linda Commito

  • Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden

  • Leadership and the New Science: Discovering order in a Chaotic World

  • The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks

  • The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee

  • Beeing Attraction: What love has to do with Business and Marketing by Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman

  • The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

  • Money: A love Story by Kat Northrup

Earth Immersion Schedule and Reflecting

It can be very helpful to take some time to "clear space" like you practiced during your immersion.  Then glance at your schedule ( below) and reflect on the moments you remember.  Let yourself be in this reflection for as long as you have and pull out some direction for your personal practice. 

Earth Immersion Schedule Oct 17-20 2015

7 “bubbles” Awareness, Elements, Embodied Anatomy, Authentic Movement, Music, Archetypes, Life as a Dance.

Saturday 8:30am 9:00-10:00am

10.18.15 Sunday

10:00-12:00 12:00-1:30pm 1:30-3:00 pm 3:00-3:15 3:15-4:45pm 4:45-5:30pm 5:30pm

8:30am 8:45am 9:00am


10:15-10:30am 10:30-11:30am 11:30-11:45am

11:45-1:00pm 1:00-2:30pm 2:00-3:30 pm 3:30-3:45pm


Arrive at Soul Studios Public Kai Class- Sensation

Connection and the Container Lunch
Brain Awareness

Awareness Bubble 21 Moves Practice

Clearing Space

Arrive at Soul Studios Create Space
Check in / review

The Elements Bubble break

Public Kai Class- The Elements

The Elements continued

Embodied Anatomy Bubble

Authentic Movement Bubble


Monday 8:30-8:45am

8:45-9:00am 9:00-9:30am 9:30-10:00am

10:00-10:30am 10:30-11:30pm 11:30-12:30pm 12:30-1:30pm

1:30-3:00pm 3:00-5:00pm


10.20.15 Tuesday 8:30am 8:45am 9:00-9:30am

9:30-10:30am 10:30-10:45am 10:45-11:45am

11:45-12:45pm 10:30-1:30-pm

1:30-3:00pm 3:00-5:00pm 5:00-5:30pm

Arrive At Soul Studio Create Space

Check in / Review Embodied Anatomy

21 moves practice Improvisation, Touch and AM Music Bubble
Archetypes Bubble

Archetypes and Music-Kellys house *

( Mapping, Crafting plus 21 moves) (*5180 Meldon Circle)

Restorative Kai ( Soul Studios)

Arrive at Soul Studios Create Space

Check in-review
Public Kai Class (Archetypes) Break

Anatomy- Seeing, Sensing, Feeling alignment

Authentic Movement-Witness/eyes Weaving it all together-Life As a Dance

( voice, music, improv, 21 Moves) lunch- Group????
Life As a Dance Bubble *Kelly's house Graduation Ceremony

21 Moves

Kais 21 Moves

Kai's 21 Moves: designed to stimulate the chakras and to give a loose grid for facilitators to create from. Master the artistry of evoking the archetype connected ( and also interchanging the archetypes with the moves for more practice) and mixing in different elements for alchemical magic in your classes!

Grounded Power:
1. Earth massage (healer)
2. Heal Lead (healer)
3. Relevé (dancer)
4. Stances ( mountain, open, A stance, Horse, Bow) (warrior) 5. Alternate Lunge (athlete)
6. Tree (athlete)

7. Kicks ( any direction) (warrior)

Passionate Power:
1. Undulation (healer)

2. Roll down/Roll up (dancer)
3. Hip Stir (child)
4. Clocks ( 12/6, slow/fast, f/b/side together, some variations) (athlete) 5. Cross front/cross back (dancer)
6. Bow and Arrow (warrior)
7. Sword (warrior)

Expressive Power:
1. Tickle Fingers ( child)

2. Poke (child)
3. Drum/slap ( athlete)
4. Shield ( warrior)
5. Touch ( healer)
6. Punch/Strike (dancer)
7. Grab and Throw ( child)

Movements that are often used as transitions from one side or one foot to the other include:

  1. 3 step turn ( can be slow, 2 in a row spread out, 2 in one space, spinning)

  2. 2 or 4 steps

  3. Shuffles

  4. 3 step tap ( or grapevines)

  5. Moving diagonally with any of the above or turning forward

  6. Cha Cha step (can be done with arms, legs or in a 3 count with any body part)

7. Walking with different speeds

Other ways of moving energy: Rumbling, Shaking, breath and sound, tapping body parts, inside to outside, guiding from a body part, moving opposite the music, mirroring another, connected, disconnected, pulsing, wave like movements, linear or circular.

Remember to think about space and NOT get stuck in the mirror (or let your students get stuck there). You can start class in the corners of the room, on the floor, where-ever they want (giving permission), facing back, in a circle facing in, in a circle facing out. Guiding group by listening deeply within and opening up possibilities. There are INFINITE possibilities available. These are some ideas to help support you. Please share your experiences and ideas with other teachers and we can keep expanding! 

Cycles of a Kai Class

The Cycle of a Kai Experience

1.“Get into the Body”- Earth A. As a facilitator YOU first
B. Ways to enter:

a. Body Scan b. The joints c. Sensation

d. Feet

2. “DirecttheTheme”-Air
A. This can be planned ahead or on the spot

a. “flooding” yourself before class. b. Natural Time Calendar

c. Use your body as guide
ci. ie. What is happening for you?

D. Earth Manual and Schedule as a key B. Present it Different Ways

a. Circle format connects group
ai. Opening exercises like “name game” a2 Creating space

b. Guide them into it as they move around c. Have it open-ended as an experiment ci. Have a focus and an intent

Focus: Where to place attention Intent: Desired outcome. The Why?

C.Connection and Warming “ Water” a. Connecting to Whole body
b. Connecting to Space
c. Connecting to Front, Side , Center, Back d. Connecting to Expanded

e. Connecting to each other

D.Climb to the Peak “Fire”
a. Gradual increase in heart rate, temperature, effort.
b. Can be a peak emotional/spiritual/mental challenge
c. Go towards the tension. Feel “enough” and go further just a little.

  1. Use larger muscles, add in core.

  2. Deepen Breath

  3. Come down into gravity and up.

  4. Ride the waves of the intensity choices

  5. Add jumps with deeper Awareness of

“spring” in joints, land with soft joints.
6. Add sound, emotion, be more engaged, use

more space.

E. Re-Center and Slow Down “Core PLAY” (Wood) a. Sense bones and alignment

  1. Sensations of fitness : FAMSS- Flexibility, Agility, Moblility, Stability and Strength

  2. Slowing Heart Rate

  3. “Hara” center

  4. Give permission to explore

    1. Core play can be vigorous or slow

    2. create a space for all of it.

  5. Turn on “Inner Child” or any Archetype

  6. Return to the first exercise and explore

    “results” of experiment.

  7. Offer time to be “still” , “meditate”, or


Other tips:

F. Sealing the Experience
a. Group in circle “share”


1. give space to talk or silence.

using a mudra
c. 3 claps
ci. Breathing together c. End on a HIGH note.

1. Wrapping experience into a positive message.

2. Bringing in gratitudes 3. Laughter Meditation 4. Using Guided Imagery 5. “shake it off”

1. Stay open to your group to offer ideas, share, and to “lead” thru any part of the class.
2. As a facilitator stay in check with YOUR space you are in and use the 4 energy allies to stay clear. 3. Be honest. Share from open heart. Choose love. 4. Arrive early, clear the space, intend SACRED SPACE

5. Keep a journal and reflect on your dance.
6. Share with other dance teachers of all kinds and

keep learning!
7. Practice learning more “bows” as a part of your growth as a teacher. Learning and creating new ones as part of your process.
8. Practice VOICE and PRESENCE as well as TIMING with cues and sharing what you are experiencing.
9. Know you are qualified AND guide students into THEIR bodies for information.

10. Receive the medicine of your dance.