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BEING THE TEACHER - Training module 1

Being a teacher of anything takes so much more than having letters at the end of your name, a long time studying material or feeling that you have paid the money and have the certification. "BEING THE TEACHER" means that you have created a safe space within and without. Being the teacher means you have practiced in front of groups, you know how to prepare and do, you have refined your skills, are on a path of finding your voice, feeling comfortable in your skin and using your intuition with discernment. You know how to give and receive feedback and you're continually a student. Being the teacher is an honor and means that others have trust in what you have to offer, and you believe in yourself and share your experience to offer it gracefully. Kai is experiential, but it takes learning how to hold a space where others feel safe, comfortable,understanding of what you're offering and why, and they feel willing to explore themselves. Your groups will only go where you yourself have gone, that takes courage and risk ( being vulnerable) as a leader. It takes having clear boundaries and being able to state them easily when needed. Does this sound like a potential space for you? I am ready, are you??? 

Let's go bigger. All of us. I am committed to supporting strong embodied leaders of Kai, or any any other form of movement/dance more deeply with you. You don't need experience with Kai to take this training and may take it to improve your embodied leadership skills for other methods of movement, fitness or dance.  

Module 1 is a week long training where you will practice the following objectives:

1.   Both objective and subjective ways of communicating about your experience and what you know is fact.  This will be practicing thru developing the "witness" and Authentic Movement

2.  Music and Mapping skills ( Learning choreography)

3. How to prepare and "put together" a class. 

4.  Practice with using the elements to energize self and your vision with all aspects of leadership.  This includes: earth ( embodying bows, learning 21 moves, practical skills with business, practicing "shared" leadership)  Water ( bring more pleasure in to your practice, managing money, communicating, creating dances that excite you), Fire ( choices for energy, circle of fire initiation, sensing growth, when to contain and when to invest), Air ( guiding from intuition balanced with knowledge, word choice, cuing/timing, voice, You are your hero archetype support, mindfulness matters)

5. Holding space skills and initiation into "The Teacher" ...........