This is the bow called "Ubuntu" with a theme of listening to the stories of the body, in the bones, and moving into new stories.   Ubuntu means humility and compassion.  It's an energizing piece of work with lots of african music/and themed movement.  

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Stars features music by David Newman.  The theme is alignment of the bones.  Our bones direct energy from the muscles and from our autonomic and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system functions to regulate the body's unconscious actions like breathing, heart rate, sneezing etc., the sympathetic nervous system is the "flight or fight" response that the body generates when it needs to respond to the world and to remain in a state of homeostasis, the parasympathetic system balances out the sympathetic by offering a relaxation response and calming the body down.  To move "consciously" we need to to be able to know when we are reacting in movement vs. directing the movement with a balance of effort and relaxation.  It also is a practice of being able to direct the energy along the bones with precision.  Some of our bones are rotational meaning they move energy circular like the pelvis, chest and head.  Other bones have a variety of lengths from a "distal" ( further from core) end to a "proximal" end of each bone ( closer to core) and are either more vertically aligned like the thigh bones or horizontal like the foot bones or the collar bones.  This is important to know when sensing the energy of the direction in it's fullest and clearest direction. Muscle energy has a sensation that balances "push-pull" in tension and is different than Mental energy though both when used together offer an even more powerful way to dance with intention.  For example if you point toward what you want and use your bones to direct the energy in that direction, it's a way to clearly align with desires activating more imagination, choice, willpower, and motivation centers in the brain.  Alignment can also be aligning to your "north star" , your over all sense of purpose that you explored in the "Life as a Dance" bubble.  

The elements that are primary in this dance are AIR and FIRE.  Fire relates to the inner core, your power center and the energy needed to then direct it with choice and clarity.  We do lots of different breathing techniques throughout the dance, it may take practice for you and your students to develop their breathing and to stay grounded at the same time.   Build your energy up over time and practice feeling into the abdominal muscles, diaghram and lungs.  Some other qualities of fire include choice, commitment, dedication.  Fire is the muscle and energy and committing to a practice that you grow from takes working with fire carefully and over the long haul.  Hone your skills of "sweet breath" in-between to nurture where you are in your dance.  The air element feeds the fire thru understanding, perspective, "burning away beliefs or emotions" that block your alignment to our higher self and your purpose.  Air is the spirit and expanded ways to think and feel as you sense your personal will blended with divine will to feel your "flow" and dance into the life that supports you.   

Some alternate themes are :  eyes, crown and posture, Hero's journey and archetypes, Laughter and breathe, Lightening up, Focus and mindfulness,  Higher cortices of the brain, Conscious movement,  Conditioning the muscles, nervous system regulation, Bliss.


This bow feature "recovery" music by Kleen. You will hear references to the 12-step work of recovery.  You'll hear stories related to emotions, stories and to overcoming habits and addictions.  You might explain to your group how we all have "habits" and this is music that supports "surrendering" and creating new behaviors that are healthier.   It's a very physical bow and edgy.  It's theme is arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists/hands/arms and edges of the boundaries of your body.  The changes in the choreography is pretty tight and it's a fun one to get vocal with "yes" and "no" .  


Forgive spelled "4-Give" is a body of work that is alive with potential.  It's based on the 21 moves of Kai and can be taught with your list of notes right in front of you.  A perfect dance for new students/teachers or for you to practice at home and dive deeper into a "PRACTICE" of learning ( mentally the "why" , "how to increase /decrease intensity of the move" and the "what" ) and embodying ( your body know the movements and can demonstrate them easily).  

After you explore it awhile it's a fun one to pick 3 moves per song and get creative.  Try different themes and bring in more Authentic Movement to the MOVES.  More expression or ways to personalize in the moment.  It's also very easy to implement the archetypes and the elements.  Remember the elements ENERGIZE......or "bring to life" the movements.  Play with the elements in all the movements to see how your body is effected.  Then explore the archetypes as a way to deeper personalize and add dimension to the moment.  The 21 move list offers some archetype ideas, but feel free and explore different ones.  Asking for the "healer" while kicking or the child while punching....it all opens up possibility in the moment and stimulates NEW WAYS of doing the OLD and wires the brain for the creativity in the moment.  

Listen MANY times to the music and map it out so you know where the musical changes are and practice cu-ing BEFORE you move....you want to time it out a few beats before the music changes.