Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance that is a "no talking " space.  We dance barefoot, and all kinds of movement, even stillness, is welcome.  This dance is "contact friendly" meaning if you like to explore contact improv it's an opportunity to practice with others who are willing and there is no pressure if you don't feel comfortable with that.  The music follows 2 wave formats created by Kelly Atkins and Keith Coker ( Keco) accompanied by live music by Keith at the beginning and end.  The experience begins with some gently guided movement and expands into all freestyle for 1  1/2 hours ending with 15 minutes for tea and sharing if you wish.  Welcome to DJ Dark Cherub from California who supplies our music each month. 

Where?  Soul Studios 3303 Bahia Vista Ave

When?  Here are the dates for the upcoming Ecstatic Dances, hope you'll join us! 

Sunday May 8th

Sunday May 22nd

SATURDAY June 11th 7-9pm

SATURDAY July 23rd 7-9pm

SATURDAY August 27th 7-9pm

SATURDAY September 24th 7-9pm

How much?  between $10-20 suggested donation