Autonomy within a Community- You, Me, US

I dream of a community where everyone knows their truth and feels safe enough to be vulnerable and open with the deepest truth in a sustained way.  Where people communicate from this place and drop the agendas.  I dream of a community where everyone is creatively supporting one another and being supported in the biggest picture of how it fits into the larger community.  Of people who have gotten broken open enough, that they have developed a new relationship to fear and rather than running from it, recognize it's a valuable emotion to self regulate with.  A community of individuals that has worked with their feelings and learned the power that emotions have as a guiding mechanism, to have compassion and empathy and yet balanced enough to recognize when dependency and neediness create drama.   

A community that doesn't need to be contained or have expectations placed on it.   Rather, the definition continuously evolves with sentient people who feel the shifts and rather than fear them, relax and allow the power within the community to move, how it needs to move to stay free.