Being a teacher is a calling.  It's a natural alignment and flow from feeling joy and healing in ones self/body and a desire to share it with others and grow communities with these tools. The dream of Kai is to have classes in every city across the states and around the world building sustainable thriving communities that support the whole thru mindfulness, creativity, shared leadership, embodiment and DANCE!  This training is for those interested in creating a livelihood either part time or full-time as an embodied leader teaching Kai ( or other methods of dance...this first module 1 is open to everyone not just those interested in Kai)

Being a teacher of anything takes so much more than having the letters at the end of your name, a long time studying material or feeling that you have paid the money and have the certification. "BEING THE TEACHER" means that you have created a safe space within and without. That you know how to facilitate an experience where everyone feels supported, guided, and held in a space of love.  Being the teacher means you are willing to start at ground zero and step into being "new" over and over again.  It also means  you know how to prepare and that you do, you have practiced and refined your skills, are on a path of finding your voice, you practice feeling comfortable in your skin and are using your intuition with discernment. You know how to give and receive feedback and you're continually a student. Being the teacher is an honor and means that others have trust in what you have to offer, and you believe in yourself and share your experience to offer it gracefully. Being the teacher is a practice in and of itself and happens over time, with support and with specific skills. 

 This extended 7 day training will offer lots of time and space to practice embodiment, voice, presence, preparing skills , guiding from "knowing" and guiding from "intuition", and more with Kai's creator Kelly Atkins who comes with over 30 years experience facilitating movement classes.  It's open to anyone from any background in the first module.   You may begin offering classes upon completion and be a "facilitator" .....Completing module 2 which is an at home personalized program, all the required work and passing a written and practical exam initiates you into "being a teacher" of Kai. If you have taken an Earth Immersion training prior you may apply the fee $750 towards this training making your tuition $1250.  

Let's go bigger. All of us. I, Kelly Atkins,  am committed to supporting strong embodied leaders of Kai to ultimately build communities and share more joy of movement worldwide.  If you teach other forms of movement/dance you are welcome as well. Yoga, Dance, Nia, Journey Dance, Ecstatic Dance,Soul Dance, 5 Rhythms, martial arts, yoga dance, Feldenkrais, and more are all forms of conscious movement that I respect.  I  think you'll find this training will add to your movement teaching abilities as well as business and communication skills.    You don't need experience with Kai to take this training and may take it to improve your embodied leadership skills for other methods of movement, fitness or dance.  

Module 1  objectives to practice, learn and embody:

1.   Both objective and subjective ways of communicating.   This will be practicing thru developing the "witness" and Authentic Movement

2.  Music and Mapping skills : Learning choreography 

3. Planning and Preparing your classes or workshops 

4.  Practice with using the elements to energize self and your vision with all aspects of leadership.  This includes: earth ( embodying bows, learning 21 moves, practical skills with business, practicing "shared" leadership)  Water ( bring more pleasure in to your practice, managing money, communicating, creating dances that excite you), Fire ( choices for energy, circle of fire initiation, sensing growth, when to contain and when to invest), Air ( guiding from intuition balanced with knowledge, word choice, cuing/timing, voice, clear negative thinking, mindfulness matters)

5. Holding space skills and initiation into "The Teacher" ...........

Dates for module 1: September 24-30th 2018 in Sarasota Florida 

Link to sign up: