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Kai classes blend 21 simple moves in choreographed patterns with guided authentic movement designed to access a wide range of mind-body fitness. Kai provides a cardio workout and also integrates meditation, yoga, and the freedom of play in a one hour class.  No dance experience is necessary.  It is adaptable for all fitness levels, all ages, men and women and is designed to integrate body and mind.

Kai classes:

Build community, stimulate the brain and develop a deep level of health and fitness that is integrated and whole.  

Workshops deepen your understanding and embodiment of the work.  Usually 2 hours in length and allowing for time to ask  questions, learn the "why we do what we do", and get comfortable with the practice.  

Kai Immersion are the extended work that is held over 4-5 days.  For those interested in teaching or for personal.  Spend some time "out of distraction" and learning the nuts and bolts of what makes Kai so special as well as tools to make your dances more profound.  

Retreats are a week in a beautiful natural setting.  Taking Kai daily and exploring RETREAT as a way to re-energize and take a "booster" of self care.  Great way to "fill up your cup" for all the ways you give to others all year long. 


http://www.kaimoves.com/shop/21-day-sadana Join in from anywhere on earth! Link and description above. #retreat #home #dance #movement #women #feminine #rising #embodiment #support #love #honor #sacred #listening #bhaki #divine #joy
Kai's Earth Immersion training is approved for 34 CEU's thru ACE

Kai's Earth Immersion training is approved for 34 CEU's thru ACE

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Coaching with Kelly 

This is a personalized program made for you, to fit your schedule, lifestyle and desires.  Kai Moves and coaching equals faster results and deeper joy in the process! 

"I love to especially help women learn to love their bodies and to use the body for it's wisdom." 

 This program is done from afar thru Skype, videos, phone, text..  Check out the coaching page link above