Kai is an Integrated Fitness Workout that offers amazing results! Kai is a blend of 21 simple movements, with 5 elements, awareness, amazing music, and more. 

photo by Jolanta Bremer

photo by Jolanta Bremer

Have a blast while you get your cardio/dance/zen and yoga in one hour! 

.... DAILY Classes in Sarasota, Dunedin, Tampa and Ft.Lauderdale.  Classes soon in Moscow Russia and Czech Republic.  Check out how to bring this to your area!

***** Earth Immersion dates August 22-26th and October 17-21st 2014***

Approved for 3.2 continuing education units through the American Council on Exercise


Be part of this exciting, growing, thriving community and movement!  Teachers now in NYC, California, Tampa, Sarasota and International in Turkey, and Russia.  Check the facilitators page to find a teacher near you or consider attending a training!

Earth Immersion is 45 hours somatic education for teachers or for personal enrichment.

"Earth" Immersion is first layer of training  for teachers or for personal enrichment

This is a 45 hour "vacation" within... held over a long weekend or a split weekend format. Offered four times a year. Approved for 3.2 ceu's from the American Council on Exercise


picture by jolanta bremer  

picture by jolanta bremer


Creative Movement

Kai experiences blend 21 simple organic movements, with guided freestyle that allow participants time to connect within, via sensation.   A wide variety of music is used, some for it's emotional value, some for it's driving rhythms, some for it's flowing melodies.  Every Kai class is adaptable and personalized for what you need on any given day.